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Here Comes Phoenixs' Nest!!!

With  the eternal grace of the God and the infinite love of my well wishers I had bought an apartment in Electronic City, Bangalore. On Saturday the 6th of Aug, 2011 I had finished the registration formalities as well. This happens to be the first property that I bought for myself. Though I am a staunch believer of the concept "Everything belongs to me and Nothing is permanent", I am very pleased with this development because my parents were very happy.. My father called up few of his college friends and told them that next time they visit Bangalore they can come to our place. Making parents happy is a major motivating factor of my life. And many times thats the easiest part because my mom will be very happy whenever I go back home ;)

Apart from that there is a long saga behind this and fittingly God has chosen this date for the registration process. Because exactly two years ago from August 2009 I started living alone. Though my roomie had moved to his brother's place …