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we can

of late i'm listening many bad news..rather no good news. all my buddies are struggling to make their way out, indian team lost the world cup opportunity, one of my teacher passing away and adding to that my nemesis insomnia. but still there is always somethin to cheer about. in the past week or so i'm fed up with all sorts of negative news and i wished some one would kick me out of this awkward phase. i could nevr imagine my frens in the present state. i understand they have become the target of criticism. though time and again they answered the critics in their own way still they couldnt escape from it. in this due course i was seeking somethin to motivate. i'm expecting somethin to happen to boost myself. it once again the indian scientists who gave me the way to get things done. and the simple message they gave is to work with determination and will. people frowned their brows after the debacle in last july. they answered in their own way through Agni-III. with a rang…