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Free Heart Surgery

Instead of forwading this info as mails, i thought this is a better way! My prayers are there for all those people


people everywhere are talking about the recession in US, Europe and India. God knows how all that crap happened, all I know is i'm very much frustrated for a week or so! In the 18months of work life never was I faced this kind of situation. Some times I get a doubt that am I giving too much importance to things which dont deserve my attention, I dont know what!! but hardly any of efforts have given results. that is precisely the reason why I'm feeling like this. but should I continue to be in this yalk?? CERTAINLY NOT!!!
but how am I going to do that? only by mere declaration to myself!!! only by making a promise to myself!!! these kind of problems add value to me and I grow many leaps as a human being. For the last six months or so I'm feeling very much disturbed. people in the office could very much feel that. In fact last week, my manager told me that I need a leave and asked me to take once I complete this project. but i never knew that this project will have this many…