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Vancouver Visit - Prelogue

Jai Guru Deva,
Little more than a month ago that I came to know that someone thinks my contribution is needed for a high visibility and critical project. However, I am not sure how they know about me. Apparently somebody pictured me as an incarnation of Hercules. I had readily accepted the offer to work in that project because that would get me out of my comfort zone. This is not the domain that I ever worked and that means a lot of opportunity to get the hands dirty and learn business first hand. I seldom let such things unattended. With that I ended up in this high critical project and started attending the weekly working sessions. Soon I found that there is an opportunity to travel and my travel got approval before I prepared to travel. The place of visit is Vancouver in the state of Washington. As always I'm not very interested to travel, my experience tells me that these kind of short term trips doesnt give the ROI it should give. Because there are non work things like jet l…