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Jai Guru Deva,
Last week I came to know that Sri D. Subbarao sir the teacher who taught me mathematics in school days passed away sometime last year. I used to go to tuition in his house during my 9th and 10th classes. I could go only part of my 10th class as he had stopped teaching in tuition. He is probably the only person I am afraid to face. That was because, of all the people who he taught in our batch, only I failed to get 100/100. I got 96 as I did a silly mistake(took integral sinX as cosX) in second paper. (Simple, silly mistakes are part and parcel of my life and I take it as a continuous action item for my self improvement.) My school life was worse than anyone's imagination. Apart from me, I have not seen anyone who dont want to go to their school days. Barring 2008, no year of my life is as bad as my school days. I used to cry alone in bathroom being helpless and I believed those days are over only for 2008 to prove otherwise. Amidst all those dark days, Subbarao sir…

Favorite Song - 3

Jai Guru Deva,
Today I'm writing about the song "Nee Prasnalu" from the movie Kotta Bangaru Lokam. It is one of the songs which makes me nostalgic because of the lyrics. There is a very profound philosophy in the lyrics which emphasizes on being self reliant. I am a big admirer of this theory that every individual should be self reliant in certain matters. After all, every body is answerable only to their karma and nothing else. I learnt this concept of self reliance the hard way. There was a time in my life, 2009 to be precise, I had lived all alone without a computer or TV or any room mate. I hardly went to my native during then. Frankly, I had learnt a lot during those three long months. I went to read so many things, understood and realized so many things that made me a far stronger individual to control several things of my life. Incidentally, after this time Shushmakka forced me to join the Art of Living family and life changed for ever. 
Coming back to the song, …

I am tired

Jai Guru Deva,
I am tired.
Work, Office, Team, Sathvik, Sowmya, Amma... I am tired. 
Anaytics, Market Share, Pricing, Strategy, Partners... I am tired.
Movies, Malls, Pizza, Outings, Shopping... I am tired.
No Ashram, No Books, No Stories, No blogging.. I am tired.
Yes, Seriously, I am tired.

Need to unwind, relax, reflect and re energize.. Not sure when that will happen but that is what I am looking forward. Need to visit a lot of places but that is happening. We are supposed to go to Srisailam after Sathvik Indrakanti is born but we didnt go in these 2.5 years. Cant say a particular reason but somehow that is not happening. Same way, I want to go to either Srilanka or the North East states of India for few days but it is also not happening. Sometimes leave problems, sometimes health issues (may be to Sathvik) and sometimes money issues. All said and done, my financial discipline non negotiable.
On the other hand, I want to make physical activity like gym or going out with Sathvik a…


Jai Guru Deva,
It is almost two months since 2016 ended but I could not write my yearly review. This doesnt mean I'm neglecting my blog. This blog still remains my favourite place to write. However, in the last two months I'm writing a lot in FB page called "ఫేకుడు". This page is maintained by me and my friends.
Back to 2016, another eventful year of my life. The year started with complete failure of my relocating to abroad plans. I failed royally! During the same time, I had decided to move out of the forecasting role and transitioned to my colleague. This is a big change as I was managing forecasting for the last three years. Actually, this decision meant a lot because of the quantum of work I let go from my plate and more importantly due to the quantum of escalation meetings that I had to attend. The job of the forecaster is always thankless. Nobody in the organization remembers a forecaster until and unless there is a problem. Once there is a problem to handle, …

My most favorite videos of Guruji

Jai Guru Deva,

Wanted to have a ONE PLACE where I can see all my favorite videos of Guruji

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu, -Karthik

Favorite Song - 2

Jai Guru Deva,
Today I am going to write about a song which I hear back to back.. there are times when I had heard this song continuously for 4-5 times :)

The song is "ఒకే ఒక జీవితం" from the movie Mr. Nookayya. I am not a fan of anyone who came to industry with their father/grand father/brother as a foundation (power star is the only exception to this rule :)). The hero of this movie is Manchu Manoj from Mohan Babu family. As per the rule mentioned above I didnt bother to check the songs or movie. However, after a long time one of my friend suggested this song to me and the lyrics are just mind blowing. The lyrics writer is Ramajogayya Sastri garu.. Actually, the song was written to a tune made for the tamil film. Just cant believe such a thoughtful message oriented song was written for a tune. The situation is to console the actress (didnt bother to know her name) who is mentally down after she is cheated by someone. The beauty of this song is the subtle way it talks importa…