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@Prasads Imax

Jai Guru Deva,
For the last 15mins I'm sitting in prasad imax lobby waiting for someone who is more than a brother to me. Sitting alone is always associated with the risk of making me nostalgic. First time I came to this place was a dream. it was almost ten years ago. people were yet to realize im junk(may be they did but didn't tell me). I was very happy to be in hyderabad amd also to be in imax. Prasads is one place where I wanted to watch a movie for a long time.  During that trip I didn't get to watch the movie but still it ws very pleasant and dream trip mainly because of people around me. I came to hyderabad to meet my sister and other friends.  Life moved a long way after that and now none of those friends are in touch with me. Some of them realized I am too much of nonsense and some were too busy with their professional and personal work. God bless them all!! I feel happy that I shared with them the good days of my life and not the traumatic days of my life.



అమరావతి... మా ఆశయం, మా ఆరాటం.. అమరావతి!
మా స్వప్నం, మా శౌర్యం.. అమరావతి!
మా లక్ష్యం, మా కష్టం.. అమరావతి!
మా గమనం, మా గమ్యం.. అమరావతి!
మా రుధిరం, మా రౌద్రం.. అమరావతి!
మా సైన్యం, మా సాధనం.. అమరావతి!
మా బ్రతుకు, మా భవిత.. అమరావతి!
మా పొగరు, మా పోరు.. అమరావతి!
మా ఉషస్సు, మా తపస్సు.. అమరావతి!
మా ఊహ, మా ఊపిరి.. అమరావతి!
మా శక్తి, మా స్పూర్తి.. అమరావతి!
మా తేజం, మా త్యాగం.. అమరావతి!
మా సంకల్పం దుర్భేధ్యం.. మా దూకుడు అనితరసాధ్యం. ఇంద్రుని కొలువు అమరావతి!
ఆంధ్రుల నెలవు అమరావతి!
దేవనగరం అమరావతి!
ఆంధ్ర మకుటం అమరావతి!
ఘన చరిత్ర అమరావతి!
ఆంధ్ర గరిమ అమరావతి! అమరావతి!

The Power of Silence!!

Jai Guru Deva,
Couple of weeks back I did my advance course in the Ashram. The major attraction of the advance course is the opportunity to stay in silence for few days. This concept of silence sounds very weird to people who are not associated with Art of Living and generally a source of jokes and satire on the spiritual path. For me, silence is perhaps the greatest bliss I ever enjoyed. There is no greater joy, there is no deeper ecstasy and definitely no bigger comfort. My job is project management and I end up participating in a lot of stressful conversations whether I like it or not. Not always these conversations leave me in high spirits. On a personal side also, my life is very very eventful and ensure that I get the true gist of my presence on this planet. So silence helps a lot to cleanse the negative impressions that I get and the negative emotions that I may end up carrying. It has been almost 20 days since I did my course and I didnt get angry even once. (I didnt get angr…

I am a blesser!!!

Jai Guru Deva,
I would like to inform everybody that I am a blesser now and I can bless people who are suffering. Anybody who is going through any physical/mental/emotional pain can contact me for blessing and I will bless that person. Any one can ask me to bless through comment section of this post. I need not know any kind of identity regarding the person who is asking the blessing. You can ask blessing for any person in your circle. I will bless that person. I need absolutely no details of that person.
What is "becoming blesser"? Blessing a beautiful gift Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji had given to the mankind. In reality this was an ancient tradition in Hindu religion which was conveniently forgotten in the course of time. Art of Living have a course called Blessing course where one will undergo certain processes and meditations so as to become a blesser. This does not mean others are not eligible to bless people but this is a way to have some satisfaction as you are cont…

Learnings from Mahabharath -7: Sri Krishna

Jai Guru Deva,
Any learning from Mahabharath is not complete without understanding what Sri Krishna said and what he did because when the divine himself gives a message do we have a choice to miss it? Absolutely NO!
In each and every step of Mahabharath we will understand that Sri Krishna indeed is the Paramatma. When I hear some of the things of Bhagavadgita I cant help but get tears. I understood and appreciated the profoundness of Bhagavadgita after I started doing my Sadhana. After 2008, for a long time in my life I had this question "Why ME??" There were days when I cried alone as could not know the answer for that question. Only I know how much I suffered. I got my answer in the Holy Bhagavadgita "It was ME because the Almighty bestowed me with the courage and caliber to deal with it". 
Of all the personality development books that I had studied, the message from Bhagavan remains the most influential. Even today as I write this, my quotation at the top of my…

Sathvik's Struggles!!!

Jai Guru Deva,
Sathvik is fast growing up and its fun to be with him. just wonder how its already 10months since he is born. He is already crawling at full pace standing with support and falling without support :) Very recently started blabbering two letter sounds. However, in his eventful day here are some of the things he struggles the most:
1. To take the whole of football into his mouth. unfortunately the football with which he plays is bigger than his head but he gives his 100% to take that into his mouth. Alas, he never succeeded :)
2. To open the door of Puja room by banging on the door. This is his favourite activity to open the door of Puja room without touching the latch. He struggles miserably in his failed attempts :))
3. Another thing which he tries a lot is to lift the chair with his head :) unfortunately enough, neither his head is so strong nor the chair is so weak
4. To open the shelf with his hand. Surprisingly, he understands that the handle is to pulled to open th…

RIP Dr. Kalam

Jai Guru Deva,
Never thought I will get back to blogging for this reason. Dr. Kalam who is one of the biggest motivators of my life had passed away. It is said that a man's death tells the life he has lived. He didnt undergo any pain, he didnt needed anybody to support him,  he didnt needed anybody to give medication, he just passed away in a blink of the eye. Lived like a legend passed away so smoothly. God bless him!
If I were to recall my association with Dr. Kalam, I had to go back to my engineering days when one of my senior informed me about him. Then I started reading about him and was very impressed. Then came the book "Wings of Fire", which made an ever lasting impression on my thought process. Frankly, till that point I believed earning money is called success. But after reading this book and understanding his thought process, I realized success actually mean hell of things ;-)
As a matter of fact, after knowing about him, after reading "Wings of Fire&quo…


Jai Guru Deva,

I came to know that Gayathri's father passed away a couple of weeks back. May God keep his soul in his lap.

Why I like LOTR???

Jai Guru Deva,

There are a lot of things that I like and I know why I like. some gives me the comfort I want, some which has the color of my choice etc etc. and then there are people. I like some people and dont like some. I dont reason out this phenomenon because I believe its all the bonding of karma. Every human I meet, and every human who leave me are all result of some karma which I cannot fathom. Few of my best friends hold extremely opposite views to me in several sociopolitical/personal things they stood by me in some fight or the other. Then there few of my great friends who made a fool out of me and labelled  me as junk. I cannot understand both these episodes, rather all my logical deduction failed to explain these two phenomenon. so be it!

Oops.. I think I'm not doing justice to the title, its about Peter Jackson's Magnum Opus LOTR. Though it is written by Tolkein I attribute it more to Peter Jackson than the writer. Whenever I see this movie I feel so engrossed a…

Show off 2/2

Jai Guru Deva, this week i had completed my five year stint with HP. Like everything else in my life it was an awesome experience. Had been through some tough moments but somehow pulled it through. Had some disappointments but managed them patiently. Below are some of the comments my colleagues wrote about me. Hi KarthikCongratulations on five years with HP, looking forward to work you at least another 5 years! Heartiest congratulations on your 5th anniversary. I am truly impressed with your contribution in Print category, especially in Laser domain. You have revolved from mindful analyst to a very coveted position of forecaster. It reflects your dedication and commitment towards achieving the personal and professional goals. This, I am sure, is also a moment for to move forward with increased vigor to spread the message of knowledge sharing amongst your current and future team mates. Wish you and the team the very best. Congratulati…

Show off ;-) 1/2

Jai Guru Deva,
this week i had completed my five year stint with HP. Like everything else in my life it was an awesome experience. Had been through some tough moments but somehow pulled it through. Had some disappointments but managed them patiently. Below are some of the comments my colleagues wrote about me.  Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I personally want to thank you for your commitment to HP, and for bringing your talent and expertise in service to our customers and colleagues. Thank you for making a difference every day.   Karthik: congratulations on your 5 year milestone. Thank you for all you do to help manage HP's business. Good luck on your next 5 years! Hey Karthik, Good job. You have always been a very good asset for the company. Keep it up.. All the best for moving up the ladder.Regards,Hearty Congratulation Karthik on completing 5yrs in HP. It was truly a pleasant experience working with you on the forecasting project last year. You …

13th March 2005..

Jai Guru Deva,

Not many days in  your life change the course of your life.
Not many days will ensure that you remember them.
Not many days ensure that you dont ignore them.

13th Mar, 2005 was one such day that had a lot of bearing on my life. There is no place for "Ifs" and "Buts" in life still I cant help but fail to understand several events of my life. one such thing happened on this day. I have no regrets for anything that happened or for anything that I did, because If I get another opportunity to live the same day, I will behave the same way as before. Good Bad or Worst, this is the way I am built. Blessing or curse, I receive whatever I deserve. So be it!!
On this particular day, me and Ravi presented our favorite paper Hydrogen Cell in the paper presentation competition at RGIT Nandyal. I was very eagerly looking forward for the presentation to kick start for more than one reason. One reason is that the prize amount is much higher than other colleges. I am…

Some motivational Songs

Jai Guru Deva,

It has been more than 5years since I stopped listening to movie songs. English songs had become a distant memory.But I came across this awesome jukebox in youtube which contains some 31 songs and a majority of the songs are really very good. I'm someone who likes lyric based songs not music heavy songs, sometimes I wonder how I was listening to that Linkin Park et al while the same thing sounds horrible to me now.May be that has got to do with spiritual practices.

coming back to this particular jukebox, all the songs are very much from the last decade  or so but very very good lyrics. Some of the things that I really relish listening are:

1. బ్రతుకు అంటె గెలుపు, గెలుపు కొరకె బ్రతుకు. కష్టాలు రానీ, కన్నీళ్ళు రానీ ఓడిపోవద్దు, రాజీ పడద్దు.
రాబోయే విజయాన్ని పిడికిలిలో చూడాలి, ఆ గెలుపు చప్పట్లే గుండెల్లో మోగాలి..

2. నువ్వెవరు నేనెవరు రాసినదెవరు మన కథలు 
నువు నేను చేసినవా మన పేరున జరిగే పనులు 
ఇది మంచియని అది చెడ్డదని తూకాలు వెయ్యగలవారెవరు 
అందరికి చివరాకరికి తుది తీర్పు ఒక…

Success @Jeevani

Jai Guru Deva,
On Sunday 1st Feb 2015, we had organized a fund raising musical concert by differently able people for Jeevani orphanage. The program is a super hit and there were more than 1500 people who attended the event. On the financial side also it was a super hit. We had crossed all our targets. There was extensive coverage in the print and electronic media. My name also appeared in one of the news paper. Though this is the second time that my name has come up this is perhaps more satisfying thing than the first instance. The credit for this success goes to none other than the people of Anantapur. I was there for the event two days before and had worked on ground level for some of the activities and the kind of reception that I had seen is amazing. Wherever we go people are receiving very cordially and ready to help us out. This also is a stands as a vindication for the kind of work prasad garu is doing.
From my personal view point I am very very happy to be present for this e…

Dear Sister

Jai Guru Deva,

Dear Alka,

Your tears would take the heart of mine.
oh God! Your loss would not allow you to be fine.

Your courage  would inspire a coward.
Valor in the blood is your reward.

Your salute is powerful than a bullet.
Bravo! your war cry would thunder my heart every minute.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu, -Karthik

Today's message from Guruji!!!

Jai Guru Deva,

here is the message from Guruji today:

Life will always move in the direction of the best. On the way you may find some rough roads, but they will lead you to a better life. Difficulties give you depth and joy gives you width. The wise see their past as destiny, the future as free will and are happy in the present. The unwise regret the past, think the future is destined and are miserable in present. The choice is yours. Keep smiling. The past has taught us many lessons; what we should be doing and what we should not. Every pain that we went through brought us some depth, and all the joys and pleasures gave us a new vision of life and hope for the future.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu, -Karthik


Jai Guru Deva,
2014 had witnessed me getting promoted to a manager and on personal side I had become a father. My son Sathvik was born on 26th Oct 2014. This is the biggest event for 2014.
the year started with my promotion getting confirmed and the scope of my work had increased with time. I started taking newer responsibilities and as expected my work load also increased :) This did not bother me much as I was prepared for it but it does bother my wife a lot as I got averse to going out on weekends. On the other side, we had witnessed few escalations in the forecasting that I am managing and I started building a base for better managing the forecast activities.
Come March-April I had travelled to Vancouver and that was a memorable trip. I could not forget the view of Mt.Hood when I came out of my hotel room and see out side.. that was a manifestation of purity of mother nature and one of the greatest sources of joy for me in that whole tour. On  a professional note the tour was not…

Thank you M.A. Jinnah ;-)

Jai Guru Deva,

My politically ideology is definitely against two nation theory but after seeing this video I cant help but feel glad that Pakistan is a separate country. Cant believe such behaviour from elderly gentlemen and particularly from those who are well educated.

Here goes the video

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Thy name SATHVIK

Jai Guru Deva,
Today I want announce that we have named our son as SATHVIK. He is born on 26th Oct 2014 and will complete three months this weekend. His complete name would be "INDRAKANTI VEERABHADRA SATHVIK". I have added our family God's name as I want him to be covered with divine grace that was protecting our family for several centuries. We have selected Sathvik as the name because me and my wife have thought that its good name before our marriage. Also when we were doing the chanting for Lord Siva, one of the names was Sathvik and it is then right infront of the havan I have decided that his name will be Sathvik.
When he was born I thanked the Almighty for blessing us with him and let the grace be flown on him. I have not thought that he will become so and so or he will do so and so. All I prayed the almighty is to let him become a responsible human and make a positive contribution to the society he is part of.
Request everybody to bless the little one!
Sarvejana …

15th Jan 2005!!!

Jai Guru Deva,
On this very day ten years ago, me and my friend Ravi won the prize in paper presentation competition in Vignan Tech Fest, Guntur. This was my first prize in paper presentations. Though I got several prizes for quiz etc in 2004 getting prize in paper presentation was always special. I had a sound sleep that night. Yes, between 2000 and 2005 there were very less days when I had a lengthy sleep. Every minute I lived, every breathe I took, I craved for success. particularly from 2003, nothing seemed important to me than my self development. Perhaps for this reason I got several prizes and awards during this time. However, icing on the cake was my GATE rank. will write later about it.
Coming to our Vignan adventure, it was a typical Karthik-Ravi comic episode. Serious preparation, amazing concept, spectacular missing of some simple but important thing and finally pulling it off with sheer grit and stubborn attitude. The concept of our paper was Computer Integrated Manufact…