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Another new year...
but before going into the new year its our responsibility to introspect our activities in the year that has just passed. what that year gave us? for me the year of 2007 stands unique in my life. i reached the second stage of my life. Completing my formal education I entered the corporate to face the real time challenges. the year started well for me as I was there in my native place for the most of Jan met Ravi over there after 1.5 years and had a good time with him. then returned to IIT to complete my thesis and in the months of Feb, March and April I worked with Dr. Anoop Singh for the National Workshop on Project Finance through which i learned a lot of things and met many experts of the trade. Also I met Prof. Zeleny , Olga and traveled to Agra and Jaipur along with them which was again a value adding experience to me. While my professional journey was going places I had serious set backs on the personal front. Many of my friends went through worst of times w…

Happy Birthday to my blog

its almost two years since i started blogging. it was my friend ravi who asked me to start one to share my thoughts and instincts. In a period of two years i made 39 posts and a member of four other blogs. i started blogging as a hobby but now when ever i feel anything touching or impressing i feel 'should write about this in my blog'. (may be i got addicted to this). Apart from my own posts i could read the posts of many other people which turned into a great value addition to me. Many people ask me why do u post things in your blog? the answer is very simple 'I LIKE MY BLOG'. Its more than a friend to me. Blog is one of the most important things of my life (Second only to my diary) because this poor internet page can never contradict me, can never betray me either and can never defy my will :) Also this page records all the important happenings of my life. it witnessed my placement and the agony i went through in that period. It completely held the record of …

The God Father

people following my blog might be amazed to see the title. because till now i never touched any topic related to movies and when ever possible criticized them (particularly the tollywood). but now i feel to write about one of the greatest movie series Hollywood have ever seen. i felt curious when i saw 'The God Father' at the top of imdb top-10 and decided to watch, once i read a part of the novel.(if you have patience to read the e-book mail to me). so whats there to learn from that movie? this post is just to state whats special in that and what can be learn from that. I am not going to enter any debate which goes like 'are movies there to teach anything?' or 'Does people really learn things from movies?'

the movie started with Marlyn Brando claiming himself as the God Father and very soon one realizes its all about the gang war between the various mafia groups in New York city. it clearly tells what are the qualities for becoming a don. In the second part V…

Top 10

its jus more than a month and a half that i've been kicked out of iitk. jus as a nostalgic thought keeping this top 10 list.

Top 10-comedy incidents:
10. Pandey's angry at sardar regarding printouts.
9. Yogi imitating pankaj sir.
8. Raka pleading Yogi for taking subject.
7. Adi's mimicry at the farewell party.
6. sam and his sister's episode.
5.GILC live show on hostel day.
4.vink asking JC abt the notice board.
3. BB's story abt shooting.
2.ramlal's theory abt sam's marraige.
1. me turning topper in symphony exam. (carrying C grade in stats)

special comedy incidents:
prof. Zeleny falling on the floor.
Daddu kicking yogi.
Deepak playing with 'ACTION.'
'Bus Party' to Adi lead by Abhineet.
forgetting Major while travelling to Vivek's wedding.
'Abhineet Gayab' on one drunken night.

Top-10 combinations:
9. sam-KS
2.Deepak-yogi-BB (bro! u rock. wish …

Are we really anti terroristic??

results of terrorism in India:
lost two prime ministersserious attack on country's business capitalAttack on symbol of democracy: the Parliamentinnumerable deaths of security personnelirrespective of all these things Indian premier is not ashamed to say that he lost sleep becoz of the plight of a doctor in Australian jail. he has conveniently forgot the fact that the person is charged on serious allegations and his name is connected with the attempt on the glasgow airport. Had they succeeded in their plans it would have been a repetition of sept 11, 2001. who on the earth can forget that black day in the history of humanity. a loss of thousands of lives and innumerable loss of property. even after witnessing such a situation indian govt. as well as the media want to save a terrorist supporter. the media made him a national hero and the govt. is at its very best to save him. y shudnt he be prosecuted as per the OZ norms y shud india involve in b/n ? irrespective of nationality, …

we can

of late i'm listening many bad news..rather no good news. all my buddies are struggling to make their way out, indian team lost the world cup opportunity, one of my teacher passing away and adding to that my nemesis insomnia. but still there is always somethin to cheer about. in the past week or so i'm fed up with all sorts of negative news and i wished some one would kick me out of this awkward phase. i could nevr imagine my frens in the present state. i understand they have become the target of criticism. though time and again they answered the critics in their own way still they couldnt escape from it. in this due course i was seeking somethin to motivate. i'm expecting somethin to happen to boost myself. it once again the indian scientists who gave me the way to get things done. and the simple message they gave is to work with determination and will. people frowned their brows after the debacle in last july. they answered in their own way through Agni-III. with a rang…

worst cup-2007 contd

All my worst dreams came true, Bob Woolmer murdered by strangulation. after the massacre of Israeli athletes in an Olympics this stands as a rare incident where crime over run a sporting event. though the hasty deed of Hezbulla personnel has some national feeling where as assault of Woolmer dont have any such. the demands of Allan Donald to suspend the world cup is very much justified. how can country s' boards ask players to play cricket keeping their lives at stake? Cricket's apex body is very eager to quarrel with BCCI or any other board for the issues relating to the sponsorship rights where as it is reluctant to respond in the death of protean expert. this shows how concerned the governing bodies are!!
apart from Woolmer's death another significant feature of this world cup is its huge and impeccable implications on the Indian subcontinent. all the fans got disappointed which resulted in burning effigies, mourning for the so called death of nation's cricke…

worst cup-2007

an hour ago i was sleeping in my room when sam came and remarked that i missed something, he listed what all i missed like the heroics of Sehwag, destroying performance from Sachin, responsible and sensible innings from dada and Dhoni's dhamaka overall an onslaught of Bermudan bowlers by Indian lions, tigers, dogs etc(only beasts). the bottom line is that we are very happy for the performance of our players against minnows like Bermuda(both in cricket sense nd population as well). dts the plight of Indian cricket!!! we are comparing our 75 years of glorious cricket with the one which started playing a couple of years back and which hardly have any professional players. many ppl rather most ppl in that team are amateurs. we couldnt win a match over a team like Bangladesh never mind its minnow tag. its the attitude dts the problem. whene ever there are trying conditions play straight bat this is one of the basic lines in any cricketing book. none in Indian team remembered this al…

A day to remember!!!

well, its 2:41AM (IST) now and I'm feelin drowsy, I've already switched the system off but agained logged on to make this update. the only purpose is to recall the same day last year. Same time last year I was suffering with fever of 102 degrees nd unable to get up from the bed, still I dont forget dt day. all through the day I couldnt wake up from the bed, still I cherish dt day. I hardly talked with anyone but couldnt afford miss it. yes, certainly dt day stands special in my life. coz its on dt day my sweetest sibling entered into another phase of her life. the occasion was a much awaited one as its the first function of my family. I has to face quite some problems in order to attend the wedding. also carryin the wedding gift given by my frens here proved to be a tougher task. some how I reached home and exactly on the day of marriage I fell ill. even then i enjoyed it. coz it stands special for me in many ways. may be due to work i had to do or due to the relation we got, …

human relations

the title may appear strange and curious but its proper. of late i've the habit observin ppl nd happenings around me. because of some disastrous things happend in the last 15months i thought of makin an update with a title 'galz- God's only mistake' but then i'll be biased in my opinion. so i hesitated to post dt idea. today in the morinin while sleepin(these days i'm sleepin frm 9am -7pm) i recalled a story from 'chandamama' which i read many years ago. some how i felt the story was very much relevent to the present day. here goes the story:
"once upon a time there lived a bramhin who has learn all the vedas nd upanishads. but his father wants to see him as a poet so he started learning dt nd soon became a poet. because of his natural talent nd the effort he made, he was capable to tell poems instantaneously given a topic. Identity is the real return for an artist. so his father asked the bramhin to meet a great wealthy merchant in the town nd get …

an hour @ rly station..

world consists of many comic characters arou8nd us. only we 've to observe them. I take it as my biggest nd funniest work ever available. I do laugh a lot regd many things which ppl coin 'silly' r 'little'. it was on the very early hours of 24th jan i entered nellore rly station with a heavy luggage in my hands. as usual the RTC bus i boarded in kdp left me some where away frm the station and i had to walk gud 20mins to reach the station. after reachin i was very happy to know for the first time my train was in time. I couldnt believe it, coz it nevr comes in time. even though its in time i've 2hrs of buffer in the station. i went to the waiting room which is common to all categories. I sat beside a person who covered his body in a kashmiri blanket. I observed a couple of police men sittin at the two corners of the station and taking nap. they seems to be gud sleepers. i vouch for them because of their snore :) I was carrying a worst novel named 'otherside…


"have determination of a mirror. it never loses the ability to reflect even after breaking into thousand pieces."

"the heights by great men reached and kept were not by sudden filght. but they, while their companions slept were toling in the night"

"all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them"

"concentrate all your thoughts on to the work at hand. the suns rays will not burn until brought to a focus"

"the principles you live by will create the world you live in; if you change the principles you live by, you can change the world you live in."

" find that it is not the circumstances in which we are placed, but the spirit in which we face them, that constitutes our comfort."

"Do not wait; the time will never be ''just right.'' Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."

"Effort only fully releases…