worst cup-2007 contd

All my worst dreams came true, Bob Woolmer murdered by strangulation. after the massacre of Israeli athletes in an Olympics this stands as a rare incident where crime over run a sporting event. though the hasty deed of Hezbulla personnel has some national feeling where as assault of Woolmer dont have any such. the demands of Allan Donald to suspend the world cup is very much justified. how can country s' boards ask players to play cricket keeping their lives at stake? Cricket's apex body is very eager to quarrel with BCCI or any other board for the issues relating to the sponsorship rights where as it is reluctant to respond in the death of protean expert. this shows how concerned the governing bodies are!!
apart from Woolmer's death another significant feature of this world cup is its huge and impeccable implications on the Indian subcontinent. all the fans got disappointed which resulted in burning effigies, mourning for the so called death of nation's cricket etc etc. but one more important sector who are affected by this are the sponsors for them this world gave huge losses. so they are more concerned than the normal fans.(money makes many things!!!)it is estimated that the total loss to the sponsors because of India's departure is around 1200 cr. the clash of the two subcontinental arch rivals always gave a special touch to the world cup. this couldnt be seen now. only for TV ads they lost 160 cr. (all this huge numbers make me go mad)
In fact we had some interesting discussions in our hostel regd this. a group of janta advocated a theory that BCCI itself will fix the India-Lanka match so as to save the sponsors which later turned out to be a hoax.
also there is a different set of society which is happy about India's defeat!!! these are the parents of students who are in the crucial stages of their careers. coz their pupils got saved from watching it and so they can concentrate on studies. there are always some one who feel happy if a bird drops shit on them thinking that cows dont fly. :)


ravi shankar said…
impeccable analysis ... that was.. money makes many things... yeah true I think the world cup became worst cup by two incidents .. Bob's demise and India's exit... to all those who make ordinary ppl heroes in a night.. please remember... "The higher the hype, the greater the fall".. Same applies here.. i think some players were So injured from the fall that they may never get up in their lives.. are u hearing "Rahul".....
keep it going boyyyyyyyyyy

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