Here Comes Phoenixs' Nest!!!

With  the eternal grace of the God and the infinite love of my well wishers I had bought an apartment in Electronic City, Bangalore. On Saturday the 6th of Aug, 2011 I had finished the registration formalities as well. This happens to be the first property that I bought for myself. Though I am a staunch believer of the concept "Everything belongs to me and Nothing is permanent", I am very pleased with this development because my parents were very happy.. My father called up few of his college friends and told them that next time they visit Bangalore they can come to our place. Making parents happy is a major motivating factor of my life. And many times thats the easiest part because my mom will be very happy whenever I go back home ;)

Apart from that there is a long saga behind this and fittingly God has chosen this date for the registration process. Because exactly two years ago from August 2009 I started living alone. Though my roomie had moved to his brother's place a fortnight before that, officially I started living alone from August, which effectively means two years of "Home Alone" and thats WOW!!! 

In this two years I did many things that I'm proud of and have made some giant leaps both in professional as well as personal life. More importantly, started realizing the divine grace which is covering me all along. There were some minor miracles and some major ones which have actually changed the course of my life. I had learnt the Sudarshana kriya and padma sadhana by virtue of which my energy levels climbed newer heights. Also, with the regular spiritual practices I went through a lot of emotional cleansing which eventually helped me to cross the barriers like hatred and anger. Though I cant declare myself as a saint or something I clearly have 95% of control over my anger. From 2010 Ugadi to 2011 Ugadi I got angry only once and that also because of some rogue's nasty remarks about a friend of mine. One other thing I started believing completely is the "SECRET: The Theory of Attraction". I should write a separate post about Why I believe secret and what made me believe?? that will be some interesting revelations and startling confessions.

And yes, coming to the name of the house, I coined it as "Phoenixs' Nest" because this marks my growth in life both material as well as spiritual. Only I know what it takes to pass through an year as dark as 2008 and I think the only bright spot in the 366 days of that calendar was my convocation. Having said that passing through such a time cemented my commitment towards the ethics which were the foundations for my life and also increased my faith in the Divine. If something is "impossible" its "Him possible". If at all I had learnt anything from my life it is the fact that I can be happy irrespective of any happening around me. EOD, Life is the expression of happiness not the Pursuit of happiness!!

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all my teachers and my Guruji who made me worth a livelihood and who are responsible for the life I'm leading now. Few weeks back I saw someone's (forgot the person) Gtalk status msg which goes like "Amazing Family, Ultimate Guru, Lovely friends, Blessed Me" This stands 100% true for my life.. I dont know how to thank them.. words are just insufficient!!


Great news Karthik.. Congrats.. :-))
Congratulations karthik..
All the best. :D
kiran said…
congratulations and celebrations..!!! :))
Gr8 news and happy 4 u..:)
Madhu Paladugu said…
Congratulations Karthick. Wish you very all the best.

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