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Remarkable voyage

last tuesday at about 5:35pm i left hall-4 to leave for RLy station and from there to western India, chasing my dream. though the journey is a bit tough starting from north central railway to western central railway through northern railway I enjoyed most part of it with the two perry mason novels I carried. then i reached Ahmedabad at 19:30hrs on 20th Dec. As usual I went to the wrong address(donno wn i go to exact address :( ) called the organizers, troubled them a lot and even lent Rs 10/- from one of the organizers. they were so cardial and helpful. after that I've been allotted a Dorm along with some ppl from Tamilnadu. they were so verbose in tamil that there hardly any English word in their chat. then I understood why my non AP frens scold me a lot when i talk with my co andhra frens in Telugu. but never mind its my right to talk in the language which i like. though i was with them chattin about their university, their studies etc my mind was filled with the presentation w…

the placements

it was at 12:31pm on the day of world's human rights i got a call which is much awaited. it was from an unknown number and made me take it easy. a call from adhiraj of stats dept who is coordinating our interviews in symphony. the conversation lasted for only 23seconds still that remains as one of the crucial conversations i ever made. he jus said "U made it" i checked once again whether i'm listenin or not! yes it was true he said dt. and by that my job search ended with an entry in to the symphony solutions, bgl. In fact it was a much awaited one because of the three consecutive setbacks i faced. HSBC was a narrow chance and i still couldnt account for my rejection in the interview stage. Genapct was a bolt from the blue. I'm jus out of it in the written itself. to be frank I'm damn shocked. at this point of time I dare to say that the SPO has failed in that regard. Had it been scheduled after the GE there might be more chance for me. and Market Rx was the…