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Jai Guru Deva,
If at all I have to sum up 2013 "Hectic" is the word that suits most.. deadlines in hours, meetings during the middle of the night and whats more some problem in the colony i live..
the starting of the year was quite sedate. However, my work load increased by 100% in the months of Feb-Mar. Some one within my partner's org was fired and I had to support all the work and the transition time was only 8 working days.. thats the starting point of the hectic work that i did. For the next 4-5months I did two people's work. And during this period, i worked more than10hrs almost everyday. I should confess that never in my professional life I worked so much. But this is not all, the worst part of this whole thing is I had to work even when I met an accident in May.
In the mean time I visited Jeevani along some of the bloggers and as usual it was a real experience. We did spend two days there and were very happy to gather and spend some quality time with the …