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Awesome article!!

just now went through an article in DAWN news paper.. this is rather the best media group from Pakistan.. though there is a lot of stuff against india in general and hindus in particular, some columnists write great articles. one such is this written by Adnan Rehmat.. you can find the full article here..
few paragraphs are just amazing.. i wish some of those hot headed Pakistani policy makers heed this..
"If 9/11 (New York) was the moment America and 27/11 (Mumbai) that India changed forever, 2/5 (Abbottabad) could be Pakistan’s crossroads of opportunity to likewise choose the path of being a state that protects its own people by fighting terrorism unconditionally. Sovereignty is not about nurturing dubious proxies to fight your wars but to fight against the instinct to do so. The real violation of sovereignty is the imbalance in receiving foreign aid flows in-country and then not accounting for it. It is the civil-military imbalance within Pakistan that has distorted the n…

Hindu Corruption Vs Muslim Corruption!!!

Well! Well! Well!
Baba Ramdev's property will now go through the scanner.. within a week's gap the red carpet welcome from the government translated into IT raids and ED scannings.. thats India for you!! Few hours are good enough to change friends to foes and vice versa!! 
Now coming to the present situation, a lot is being said and discussed about Ramdev's identity as a yoga guru, his 200 odd companies, 1100 cr trust and the scottish island.. but none of these fails to explain why he cant fight against corruption?? on sunday night I watched a discussion hosted by Burkha Dutt and one of the gentlmen took a serious objection about the people in Ramlila grounds shouting slogans "Vandemataram" and "Bharathmata ki jai" (I forgot the name of the person).. But he conviniently ignored the fact that no section of Indian Penal Code prevents its citizens from shouting "Vandemataram".. in fact it is the battle cry of Indian Freedom Struggle.. For suppose, …

jai ho Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev's complete speech!! this is another historic moment.. way to go Ramdevji.. All those people who have come from far in this heat, under adverse conditions, without caring for their comforts are doing everything for their nation…today when there's no time for our own family, at this time a 'sanyasi' has decided to end corruption and to change things today…I am thankful that you all have come in thousands. I can understand your determination and emotions and from tomorrow, the "bhrashtachar mitao satyagraha" which will start, will also comprise women and children. I am thankful to you all. The primary cause is to change an established order. I asked little children what they will do…and they said they would fast to bring back black money. They said, "Even we will fight against corruption with you'. I can see even a one-year-old in the audience. My words fall short… I am so touched. I agree there are some good leaders, businessmen …