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KFC, McD special for you!!

I express my sincere gratitude to my friend Amritesh for sharing this with me!
Dedicated to all the fans of KFC and McD..

Foie Gras

Foie Gras Foie Gras means "Fat Liver"
It's very very luxury menu that originates from France But this dish comes from FORCE FEEDING a goose to make them develope FATTY LIVER DISEASE.
Let's see the source of this wonderful dish

The geese are forced to eat.. even if it does not desire to
The metal pipe pass through the throat to stomach ...even if it does not want to eat anything
To make the liver  bigger and fatter  

Cages are very small and they force the geese to stay in one position to avoid using energy, thus converting all food into fat. How sad their eyes show up Their legs were bloated from long standing everyday. No need to sleep because they will be caught to eat again

Although they try to defend themselves But it is useless

How sad this life is..
They are forced to eat until they are dead or their bodies cant stand with this

15th March

15th March...
If at all I like a day in a calender, if at all I wait for the arrival of a day it is this day 15th March!!
There are few very strong reasons for me liking this day.. one is that 32 years ago it was on this day that my parents got married and "my family" started.. that alone is one of the biggest event of my life and adding to that there is one more important thing which makes me to sit on cloud 9. let me recall what actually happened.. believe me I remember every moment of that day... Five years ago, 15th March,2005..
Time 9AM: I am sitting in the veranda h of my  house trying to take my thoughts away from something.. my mother is shouting from the inside saying "Dont feel tensed.. whatever has to happen will happen".. I was just nodding my head...
Time 10AM: I sat just beside the phone awaiting phone calls.. but the phone didnt ring.. I'm not sure whether me calling will get reply or not.. becasue most of my friends have gone to college. I didnt go b…