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RSS- Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh!! if R-Square is the most abused and misused metric of statistics, RSS is the most misused word on the Inidian Socio- Political scenario. If someone wants to increase their secular credentials the best way is to bash RSS. It guarantees two things:  1. You can pose to the cameras as a Messiah of  secularism with a holy grail called modernity plastered to your hand 2. You will be instantly famous..
Before diving deep into principles of RSS and other stuff, I want to remind that RSS is purely a voluntary organization. The word Swayamsevak means "Volunteer". Now let me mention some of the places and organizations that I volunteered for: 1. I was the placement coordinator for our dept in IITK. Also, during my second year of MTech I was the DPGC. (dont ask me to explain the acronym) 2. I was the coordinator for our dept extra curricular activities organization during my B.Tech Days.. My God brother Ashok named it as  "OrCaD" and I took …