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Image, noble mother of Love, P.Eace sister of T.Amil, H.Indi,  and well wisher of H.Armony expired on 30th July.

Deepest Condolences!

With Tears, -Karthik

Time for a fight back!!!

My life is not working, this is what i'm feeling as of now. By next week it will be full two months since i did padma sadhana and it is several months since i attended my weekly followup as well as satsangs. Never thought i will give in to laziness and this kind of stupid life style.. :((  I have already got a belly for people to joke upon and I think my head is turning bald ;) This is not the way i wanted to live and this dont inspire me to move forward like this. Let me quickly jot down what are the things that I stopped doing but wanted to do:
1. Maintaining chitramaalika site 2. Organizing Art of Living (YES+) courses in Electronic city 3. Doing Surya Namaskars and Padma Sadhana every day 4. Attending sunday follow up every week 5. Attending satsang atleast once a week 6. Writing a technical paper about the retail industry in India 7. Reading autobiographies of telugu freedom fighters 8. Finishing dinner by 8PM and sleeping by 10PM atkeast 4 days a week 9. Last but not least, updating …