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I'm busy because .....................

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen! As always, my life is eventful as ever; Anyways let me announce the big news of this year:
With the eternal grace of the God and the infinite affection of my well wishers I'm entering into the next stage of my life.. from being nurtured to have to nurture.. from person to family.. from boy to man..
I'm sure the journey is scheduled to go through many of those unknown shores with only one life line called "faith". There are many definitions for this word "faith" but my favorite one is " He knows what is right!!".. I had/have faith in Him and He is taking care of everything.. 
Its dramatic yet so subtle; Its emotional yet so relaxed; Its exciting yet so tranquil;
b/n I successfully crossed almost 4.5 years of bachelor life and thats WOW.. I'm feeling so happy about my life and want to thank everybody for contributing so much to me.. I'm happy because I made most of my life in these years.. I have under went every p…