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congrats to the maestro!!

great achievement sachin.. the game of cricket is indebted to you.. its not the kohinoors which makes India proud but people like you, with your passion for the game and the attitude of a warrior made you the best cricketer ever born on this planet..

jai ho sachin,

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu


2010 in pics

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu


Happy Birthday

It happens to be a birthday of two people who are (were?) pretty close to my heart.. though people find it so easy to break the bonds I still respect the time I spent with them and so its my duty to wish them a very very happy birthday.. Incidentally, I have in mind quite a great future for both of them and I always promised my support.. Now that they are no more keen to maintain any relation with me, I wish God would give them all they need..
From my side I don’t have any regrets for anything which I did or which I didn’t. if I’m placed in such situations again, I will behave the same way I did earlier.. because that’s the way this creature called KARTHIK is built..
All I have to say is, if at all there is a God, one day people will realize what they did!!!
Happy Birthday once again..
Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


2 Yrs of 26/11


Death of hyd cricket!!!

the most feared has come alive.. the worst couldnt be averted..eventually its DEATH!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Hyderabad cricket has touched a new low this week..With a team total of 21 and an innings which couldnt last even for 2hrs, a nude picture of Hyderabad cricket is thrown out.. the HCA website boasts of names like Abbas Ali Baig,ML Jaisimha, VVS Lakshman not to mention the traitor Azharuddin but presently it stands as a  pale shadow of its past.. if Brian Lara is the last king of Caribbean, VVS Lakshman is the last man who can make it big into the international scene..  the question everybody ask is "who is to be blamed??" - "players" is the obvious answer but how abt the coach, supporting staff, selection committee?? had one of these wings performed their duty we would not have seen this day..the HCA elections have proved to be more corrupt than the normal MP/MLAelections.. normal biryani/liquor is replaced by costly boutiques like flats, ca…

Financial Planning tips for bachelors!!!

Well well well...
Before I jump into the topic let me draw your attention to our perception about money.. Here I'm putting some of the common ideas we have about "money"..
1. Someone is "Filthy rich", "Stinkingly rich".. 2. Being rich implies being corrupt.. 3. To become rich one needs to comprimise ethics/morals.. 4. Those who are rich dont know what is humility.  and the list goes on..
All these ideas are put into our head either by our parents/elders or by movies we watch.. our hero with a strong character can never hail from a rich household.. He should study in governement schools, drink tap water to fill his stomach, then grows up working hard only to impress the dumbest of girls called "Heroin"..
Having grown up watching such movies its no wonder we have negative perception about having huge bank balances or even thinking about them.. we are afraid to say that we aspire to earn big money.. because we know people will call us "money min…

I need 36 hours!

YES! I really need 36 hours per day.. life is so eventful and the world is full of amazing people how can I compromise with just 24 hours.. I just cant!!

For the last few weeks i'm so choked that I could not find space to write a post in pramaadavanam and finally copy/pasted some crap. Not only this, there are quite a few things which I want to do but I'm not doing and miss them dearly.. let me chalk out what are the things that I'm really longing to do but could not do as much as I like:
1. Playing with my nephew. yeah, I wish to spend at least one day per week with him but off late could not do so .. He is a first quality brat (as I was in my childhood) who uses my branded jeans as a toilet paper and  smartly maneuvers the situation with his chubby smile making me ignore remaining things.
2. Doing yoga for two hours. I seriously miss padma sadhana, the ultimate energy booster. nothing more is needed to make one "citius, altius,fortius" :)
3. Reading the novels of Ko…

Mandir,Masjid aur Natak!!

Again the ghost of Babri Masjid/Ram Janmabhbhumi has come alive with the Allahabad HC due to deliver the verdict next week.. week before the verdict, the court asked the relevant parties to settle the issue with consensus.. Before worrying about the request of the court lets go back to basics and make an effort to understand this problem..Let me jot down the arguments of two parties in this regard:
Hindu View:
Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya and there was a temple on his name. This temple has been raised to dust by Babar and a mosque was built in that place. That Mosque was "inadvertently"demolished in 1992 and now we need to rebuild the temple.
Muslim View:
The Masjid present there was destroyed by Hindu groups and we need to rebuild it. 
A small stat, this karma bhumi is rather the only country in this planet where there are more prayer halls than the number of schools and hospitals.
Firstly I must confess that both the parties have a right to cry foul because their respective p…

Modernism at its best!!!

I'm writing this with immense pain from the deep layers of my heart and with the helplessness of a orphan...Before concluding that i'm mad or insane just see the pic.. 
From the so called "civilized societies", we learnt to celebrate mothers day, fathers day, valentines day etc etc. there is nothing called husbands day or wifes day because in that societies no affection exists between husband-wife and that relation is meant only for fun. That fun is nothing but two bags of shit and bones rubbing each other with the expectation that they will attain "enjoyment" after sometime.. My doubt is why should someone be loved only one day of an year? why not through out? However, We never learn from them activities like "Students Against Drunken Driving", dignity of labour etc.. but we are damn good at these so called "Traits of Modernism" And then, one bastard makes nude p…

Brainstorming, gyan, blah blah blah

Sometime back there scheduled a brainstorming session of the team I belong and as expected the purpose of this session is to improve team performance along with some corporate gyan. Till date I never witnessed any useful outcome of such sessions and this time thought of doing some serious preparation before the session.. As a policy of going from the basics I have decided to know what is this brainstorming funda.. when I went to google regarding this I found a blog where there are some 25 brainstorming methods are mentioned. you can find the link here. After going through all of them I was surprised to see that many of those techniques are the ones which I follow involuntarily.. Not only me but many people might be using the same may be we are not aware of it.. let me put some of them which I generally use..
Gap filling: Plain and straight.. answer very simple questions like "what we want?" , "where we stand?" etc and the thread of solution can be found.
Mind Map: Ano…

Crisis in Pakistan

Following is the mail I got from UNICEF:

Dear Karthik,

The images from Pakistan are gut-wrenching.

Devastating floods last weekend ravaged homes and crops. 1,400 are already confirmed dead. More than 1 million children are in desperate need of emergency assistance.

UNICEF has mobilized all available resources in the region – distributing hygiene kits and high-energy protein biscuits, repairing tube wells, and setting up medical camps. But with many areas still inaccessible, the needs will only grow in the coming days.

Please donate now and help support relief efforts in Pakistan.

With gratitude,

Caryl M. Stern

President & CEO

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Dear Karthik,

The news from Pakistan continues to develop by the hour. As more information becomes available, we will share details with you. Visit FieldNotes for the latest images and updates from our field staff there.

In other news, UNICEF is working to end the practice of child marriage. Marriage often marks the end of a girl’s education and the…

Friendship Day 2010

Today, until now I received 12 text messages and almost same number of mails  containing some nice touchy(?) quotes followed by "Happy Friendship Day"  so was giving a little thought about this concept called "FRIENDSHIP"..
In the meanwhile I remembered a quotation I read somewhere which goes like:
"You should trust people, because if you are right then you will get a friend, otherwise you will learn a life worthy lesson. Either ways you should trust people"
Two people whom I believed as my friends for years have taught me unforgettable lessons (once in 2005 and the worst in 2008)..The problem here is that the lesson which you learn is sometimes so painful that it makes you feel living one foot away from hell. It is because of this phase that people never trust again lol.. So the big question remaining: "Is friendship needed? If yes, why?" let me do some brainstorming..
who are the best friends I have? Do I have any?  Are there anyone who care a dam…

Forgotten Heros: Aravinda Desilva

If at all you remember this name I'm sure you would have started following cricket prior to 1996.. The first time I saw this batsman called "Desilva" was way back in 1994 when SriLanka met West Indies in the Hero Cup in India..(yeah! Hero cup! remember Kumble 12/6?). In that match Windies conveniently won over the Lankans who were then carrying a  minnow tag. Though the result of the match was not surprising one batsman particularly caught my attention not for for his shots but for a peculiar reason of breaking his bat into two pieces.  In the series further Desilva was the major contributor with the bat for his side and many times was the only contributor.. I consider Desilva as the Abhimanyu of Srilanka who was all alone in the enemy lines fighting hard without giving it up.. thats when I started respecting first and admiring later!
He was not as stylish as Lara or a Sachin. however, he is tough, rigid and always tried to attack bowlers.. H…

3yrs @ Bgl: contd

As I mentioned in my last post that the last one year had been very eventful and evenly exciting. one reason why it is so exciting is that I started living alone and for the first two months I neither  had a computer nor a TV. Given the kind of "modern lifestyles" we have it sounds little weird to lead such a life. However, in those two months I never felt I was missing something. And regarding staying alone, people ask me "Dont you get bored?" I reply "bore! how does it look like?"..  I sound little arrogant but I have rationale behind it. My sister gifted me a book and there is a question in that which goes like "If you get bored being with you, how boring you should be to others?".. How true!! And in the month of August I happen to do the YES+ course of "Art of Living Foundation". After this, time ran so quickly that I didnt even realize how fast it was! Regular practice of the "Sudarshan Kriya" increased my energy level to…

3yrs of Bangalore life

by last week i have completed 3yrs of my bangalore life.. another amazing episode of my life with many great people adding a lot of value to me and made my stay a dream.. first year of my Bangalore life  was with my 3 other friends and it was only a logical extension of my hostel life.. the only thorn in the flesh was that some people whom I trusted as my friends let me down with their behavior but then its only human to make mistakes.. on the other side there were people who gave me lift and ended up as my family rocks!!! the specialty of this period was staying as  neighbors to burial ground. I wonder how agitated the ghosts would be for having been victimized by our stay.. we had an excellent house owner who would be boozing at 9am everyday. I never understood whether he starts afresh in the morning or could not complete the one started last night.. however he gave us complete license to make as much noise as possible until and unless other neighbors com…

An Editorial from Dawn

Dawn is one of the international newspaper which i read everyday (WSJ,telegraph being others). Despite some of the anti India/hindu articles many articles deal with the problems faced by Pakistan.. I particularly like the articles of NFP.. Now, this article is something where the real roots of terrorism are touched.. As of today 8/10 thinks terrorism is caused by Islam/muslims.. and thats what makes this article even more interesting.. please go through it:
US Congressman Howard Berman’s argument is simple enough. Addressing a meeting of US physicians of Pakistani descent, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated the obvious on Sunday when he said that democracy cannot prosper if civilian governments do not enjoy complete administrative control over the armed forces. He pointed to President Barack Obama’s recent decision to change his top commander in Afghanistan, and seemed to suggest that a similar move would not be viable in Pakistan. Mr Berman may be right o…

Jai Ho Ratan Tata!!!

A. The Tata Gesture All category of employees including those who had completed even 1 day as casuals were treated on duty during the time the hotel was closed. Relief and assistance to all those who were injured and killedThe relief and assistance was extended to all those who died at the railway station, surroundings including the “Pav- Bha ji” vendor and the pan shop owners.During the time the hotel was closed, the salaries were sent by money order.A psychiatric cell was established in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences to counsel those who needed such help.The thoughts and anxieties going on people’s mind was constantly tracked and where needed psychological help provided.Employee outreach centers were opened where all help, food, water, sanitation, first aid and counseling was provided. 1600 employees were covered by this facility.Every employee was assigned to one mentor and it was that person’s responsibility to act as a “single window” clearance …

some slokas and their meanings

finally i have opened my dash board and started writing something!!  today i'm so eager to write about this because the slokas
which i'm going to mention here are so close to my heart that I cant afford to overlook them. here I go: APAVITRAH PAVITRO VA SARVA VASTHAN GATOPI VA YAH SMARET PUNDARI-KAKSHAM SA BAHYA-BHYANTARAH SHUCHIHMeaning: whether I'm pure or impure, whatever state of mind/body I am right now by chanting your divine name I will become pure.Generally this sloka is chanted at the starting of any puja/ritual. For me this will say two things: how simple were our rituals and praying practices and the second how much they are polluted by slokam:మాణిక్య వీణా ముఫలాలయంతీం మదాలసాం మంజుల వాగ్విలాసాం మహేంద్ర నీలద్యుతి కోమలాంగీం మాతంగకన్యాం మనసా స్మరామి చతుర్భుజే చంద్రకళావతంసే కుచోన్నతే కుంకుమరాగశోణే పుండ్రేక్షు పాశాంకుశ పుష్పబాణహస్తే నమస్తే! జగదేకమాతః జగదేకమాతః ...ఆ...this poem (popularly known as shyamala dandakam) is something which my mother claims t…

MAY: The Month of moments

Wow... what a month it has been!! simply amazing things happened in a span of this 31 days.. many things which I felt were impossible came true both in a positive way and also in a negative way.. overall a dream is going on in my life.. In the first week my parents, sister and my newly born, yet to be named niece came to bangalore. I always thought my house would not be sufficient if my parents come here but I just dont know how it happened but it was more than enough.. in the three weeks of time when they were here at no point of time that we felt like a conjusted house.. It is in this three weeks time that my sister got operated once again.. its her second operation in a span of 40 days.. however it gave me a chance to realise my potential as I had to stay in the hospital as well as attend the office.. somehow at no point of time I felt tiresome.. may be thats what they call "GRACE" In the second week Guruji's birthday was there and we celebrated it well.. I personally to…