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Sometime back there scheduled a brainstorming session of the team I belong and as expected the purpose of this session is to improve team performance along with some corporate gyan. Till date I never witnessed any useful outcome of such sessions and this time thought of doing some serious preparation before the session.. As a policy of going from the basics I have decided to know what is this brainstorming funda.. when I went to google regarding this I found a blog where there are some 25 brainstorming methods are mentioned. you can find the link here.
After going through all of them I was surprised to see that many of those techniques are the ones which I follow involuntarily.. Not only me but many people might be using the same may be we are not aware of it.. let me put some of them which I generally use..

Gap filling: Plain and straight.. answer very simple questions like "what we want?" , "where we stand?" etc and the thread of solution can be found.

Mind Map: Another powerful tool which I used to implement in my engineering days (no wonder I made most out of those four years). keep the goal in the centre and start breaking it into pieces.. similar to a decision tree.. this technique effectively gives the clarity regarding the problem at hand and a problem clearly defined is half solved.

Iconic Figures: This is again something which I use the most. Simply behaving as if it was my icon.. Many times in my life that I averted serious arguments and time wasting conversations just with a thought that "what would Abdul Kalam do in this scene?" " What would Narayana Murthy do?" and when I'm in ethical dilemma, the only icon who guides me is  Lord Rama.. A man of unassailable integrity and 100% dedication to the dharma.. he is the example of the saying "Dharmo Rakhsati Rakshitaha"..
SWOT Analysis: The famous "Strength","Weaknesses","Opportunities" and "Threats" framework which enhances your decision making power.

Meditation: True, there are many times when I sat in padmaasan and focussed on a problem closing my eyes.. and after sometime I really found the solution for the problem.. My Btech project related logic striked me when I was travelling and was thinking about that problem.Believe me guys, subconscious mind will never guide mislead you..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu..



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