Modernism at its best!!!


I'm writing this with immense pain from the deep layers of my heart and with the helplessness of a orphan...Before concluding that i'm mad or insane just see the pic.. 

From the so called "civilized societies", we learnt to celebrate mothers day, fathers day, valentines day etc etc. there is nothing called husbands day or wifes day because in that societies no affection exists between husband-wife and that relation is meant only for fun. That fun is nothing but two bags of shit and bones rubbing each other with the expectation that they will attain "enjoyment" after sometime.. My doubt is why should someone be loved only one day of an year? why not through out? However, We never learn from them activities like "Students Against Drunken Driving", dignity of labour etc.. but we are damn good at these so called "Traits of Modernism"
And then, one bastard makes nude paintings claiming them as "modern art" and the so called intellectuals go on supporting him lacking the common sense that even hindus are also humans and they also have certain feelings in them. Any opposition on to such things is called "Hindu Talibanism".. good word to use because if at there is any word which the whole of the world hates it is "Talibans". so portray them as demons and keep mocking their sentiments.. I wonder what would that bastard say if his daughter/wife/mother's pic is morphed into a nude pic.
Now, here is the height of all this Modernism. Blendors pride have used Shiva Linga for their advertisement hording. this is present right in the main road of secunderabad.. Is this what our education taught us? Are hindu beliefs so weak in this kharma bhumi?  How dare someone use the Lord's pic in that hording and how did the authorities allow it? isnt there any regulatory body to look after these things? In the first place do we need regulatory bodies in these common sense related things? what if tomorrow some one buy a hording and keep a morphed nude pic of a celebrity or a politician? 

As some telugu blogger was saying chandrababu envisioned "Svarnaandhra", YSR wanted "Haritaandhra" and now we finally turned into "Alchohol Andhra".. and in such a horrible state what else can happen other than this? politicians are busy with their own earnings and some day there might be a day where alchohol is served in schools as a evening snacks..

Overall, this will remain as a new low touched by us as a society and I'm afraid how far we will go in this way.. I believe the only solution is change in social conditions starting from the individuals. Education system badly needed a overhaul wherein values like compassion, mutual respect and dignity are taught with no less sincerity than Newton's laws..

and finally, I'm NOT apologizing for my verbatim because I believe the relevant parties deserved them.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu



Manohar said…
In a country where majority people of a religion are treated like minority people this only happens.

many persons tried this on hinduism.
One bastard named MF Hussain paints hindu goddesses nude and says nudeness is holy. then why dont he paint mohammadand fatima in nude form?
that too in a state capital it is shame on their and our part. If it is so, challenge them to do it with cross, they won't.
word secular comes into picture only when other religions beliefs are hurted, then what about hindu belief. are we not people? dont we have beliefs? is it not anti secular to hurt our feelings?


where we are going? you asked the right question. on the name of modernism we are travelling in fast pace to ignorance.

And this pseudo secular hooded political parties made hindus minorities by saying we are major religion.

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