Friendship Day 2010

Today, until now I received 12 text messages and almost same number of mails  containing some nice touchy(?) quotes followed by "Happy Friendship Day"  so was giving a little thought about this concept called "FRIENDSHIP"..

In the meanwhile I remembered a quotation I read somewhere which goes like:

"You should trust people, because if you are right then you will get a friend, otherwise you will learn a life worthy lesson. Either ways you should trust people"

Two people whom I believed as my friends for years have taught me unforgettable lessons (once in 2005 and the worst in 2008)..The problem here is that the lesson which you learn is sometimes so painful that it makes you feel living one foot away from hell. It is because of this phase that people never trust again lol.. So the big question remaining: "Is friendship needed? If yes, why?"
let me do some brainstorming..

who are the best friends I have?
Do I have any? 
Are there anyone who care a damn about me?

As they say there is a selfishness behind every human relation.. so what is my friends' selfishness behind being with me? (prior to that let me confess that I'm clear about my selfishness ;) ).. 
What is the selfishness can I guess behind all those ISD calls made only to make me feel better? 
what selfishness can I see when someone introduces me as her younger brother? 
what selfishness can I imagine when someone daily calls me only to ensure that I'm not crying?
what selfishness can I dream when someone gives me a nice hug and says "Here I'm Bro! no more worries"? 
what selfishness can I think when someone say "your next hyd trip is going to be in my house"? 
what selfishness can I think when someone feeds me as if I'm his first son?
I really donno!!!

but all I want to say is I'm indebted to each one of you just for being with me..  you mean a whole world to me..If Karthik appears to be strong it is only because of the strength you people gave! 

If at all I made any earnings in this 26 yrs of life its only only my friends..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu!



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