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Thats My Mom!!

May 10th has come and its Mom's birthday..its a long time since I want to write about amma.. talking about amma and talking with amma is definitely a great feeling.. 

I was  staying away from home starting 2005 and even today after six years whenever I call home she starts the conversation with one standard sentence "I was thinking of you and you called me". Irrespective of the time she will tell the same because all through the day she will think of me.. when I got my first promotion and told her about it she tells me "If you tell these kind of news I would like to live some more years".. At that time she was just recovering from some blood clots in her brain.. She was not just a mother but more of a moral support who taught me a lot of things.. thats my mom!!
one thing that stands out in my mother is her commitment to the family's cause.. she is definitely the strongest pillar of my family. Whatever my family does she is the one who takes maximum burden…