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IPL the season 2

Cricket's latest baby, INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE is a sensation beyond the format of a game, A phenomena beyond geographic borders. Yes, Indian Premier League has proved to be most popular championship in the cricket arena conveniently surpassing the World Cup organized by the game's apex body. This may be because of the money involved, or due to controversies associated with it, or because of T20 format or may be due to the factor of bollywood. Accepting the changes brought by IPL and appreciating the maza of IPL this is my observation of the second phase of the cricket's richest tournament of present day.

Firstly, finds and failures:

If Gautam Gambhir is the sensation of IPL-1, it is the turn of 22 year old Pragyan Ojha in 2009 . The Hyderabadi has matured into a confident bowler not caring the batsmen's credits. His deliveries has a loop seeing which Bishan Singh Bedi would be proud of. His courage to toss the ball up and invite the batsmen for a shot turns him int…

Me and HYD

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE-2009 just got finished and the DECCAN CHARGERS emerged winners outplaying the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite being the supporter of the RCB team I could not resist but appreciate the way Gilli's team has played. People around me are scolding me for not supporting Hyd team but somehow I never connect myself with Hyd in a positive way. HYD means pain thats what stored in my mind!! may be because of the journey time from here or because of some nasty things in the past. what ever the reason is, I'm never a hyderabadi and i will never be one. At one point in my life I'm always eager to go there but there used to be many a hurdle but now I dont want to go and people are asking me to come time and again.
thats life!! so unexpected, so spontaneous and so very interesting!!

Next month I'm due in hyd for some work and i'm trying my best to escape from that. I have to travel for more than 30 hours and i will be with people over there for less than…

Velupillai:Martyr or Maniac?

In 1973 four people killed the Jaffna mayor, the police killed three of them and the fourth is "PRABHAKARAN". I never heard his name without the prefix "VELUPILLAI". when I first heard of him in my school days I thought he is another one like Veerappan!! but later in my 7th-8th classes I made a detailed study about his history and other things happened in the Emarald's Isle(courtesy: India Today special edition, sometime in 1996-1997). I used rate him as one of the greatest warriors world has ever seen, becasue he took the audacious step of taking responsibility for his race at the age of '17'. By doing so, he became Robinhood for the Tamil diaspora across the world. If LTTE became so huge an organization, went on maintaining its own navy and airforce its not because of the capability of Prabhakaran alone but strength of Tamil Diaspora across the world. As I observe Tamil diaspora is stronger than most other races (I would say only Islamic diaspora is…

Article and my response

last Friday, there was an article in The Hindu where Mr. Hasan Suroor explained how muslims in India are being ill treated and how that is turning 'moderate muslims' into 'orthodox muslims'. he took example of Shabana Azmi and her statements about the Babri Masjid issue. I am placing the articlehere. After reading the article, I mailed my response to The Hindu and they published a part of it. you can find it here. I am glad that atleast one news paper in India has the courage to present two sides of an aspect. As a matter fact, I wrote about the very topic some time back, I guess after the Delhi blasts last year. Below is my actual response to the article:

Dear Sir,

Below is my response to the article by Hasan Suroor on 8th May, 2009 in your esteemed news paper. I request you to publish in the letters to editor column.

It is true that the Babri Masjid incident is certainly a black mark in the history of secular India. But taking it as a reason to become hardlined about re…

11 months..

It is exactly eleven months ago, on the 8th of June, 2008 at 17:30 hrs IST that my mobile got a call from a number starting from +44. I didnt had any clue of who will be on the other side and what was it all about. when I got that call I was actually mocking my friends and having a gala time. Once the call started, the game has begun some smart talking has been done by the one on that side. Despite understanding the situation I'm present into, people didnt had the courtesy to disconnect the call and made me to listen to a lot of CRAP. People say it all happened because of insecurity feelings etc etc. But thats no fun for me either!! I had my life at stake and still people lacked that humanity. Let me not go into all those rubbish episodes. Coming to the call again, it lasted for almost 2.5 hrs and when I want to disconnect the call, the one on the other side said "Please dont disconnect the call Karthik!, I will feel bad" and the irony is that after some 5 months the sam…