11 months..

It is exactly eleven months ago, on the 8th of June, 2008 at 17:30 hrs IST that my mobile got a call from a number starting from +44. I didnt had any clue of who will be on the other side and what was it all about. when I got that call I was actually mocking my friends and having a gala time. Once the call started, the game has begun some smart talking has been done by the one on that side. Despite understanding the situation I'm present into, people didnt had the courtesy to disconnect the call and made me to listen to a lot of CRAP. People say it all happened because of insecurity feelings etc etc. But thats no fun for me either!! I had my life at stake and still people lacked that humanity. Let me not go into all those rubbish episodes. Coming to the call again, it lasted for almost 2.5 hrs and when I want to disconnect the call, the one on the other side said "Please dont disconnect the call Karthik!, I will feel bad" and the irony is that after some 5 months the same person disconnected my call when I was talking! of course thats life!! and no one gauranteed a fair treatment.

Well, as far as the call is concerned, I coin it as the doom's call. Simple reason behind that is its the only time when I wished that the burial infront of my house would succumb into it. The words used on that day are so painful that even today, I feel that pain. But i didnt cry that day, coz I told myself that I am not born to cry and also I dont want my friends to see me crying. There are people in my life who would turn violent by seeing tears of my eyes and so I have to keep this call away from all those sweet buddies. Becasue, EOD its not proper to hurt others for the reason that they hurt us!! just pity them.

though all of this happened sometime last year, why was I writing about them now?? Because exactly a year ago, something really gr8 happened in my life and I was euphoric that day, celebrating with my friends. This happening has got a very high correlation with the DOOM'S CALL. So I'm just recollecting all those incidents. Overall, 2008 is an eventful year for me. with people playing with my life left, right and center. I dont expect people to regret or remorse or apologise me because EOD what ever has been done is done by choice so a "sorry" dont mean a damn!!

the comic part of the whole drama is that people on the other side remarked that my choice of words is bad, but my conscious later told me that my choice of friends is really worst and thats what making me pay so dearly!!!

sarvejana sukhinobavantu!



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