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God Moments!!!

Jai Guru Deva,
Any number of words that I write fail miserably to explain what I feel when a small figure of five feet five inches moving into the dressing room at Wankhede. Like many good things in life it too has to end. No golden age runs forever. So its time I get habituated with cricket without God.When the word sachin comes into the air people talk about Chennai 1999, Centurion 2003, Uppal 2008 and so on. But my Sachin moments were rather peculiar.
Square Drive at Sharjah: 
This was the shot that played for the 4th delivery of 12th over. Bowler was Mike Kasparowich. The ball was straight on off stump and God whipped it between short cover and point fielder. Both of them had hardly moved before the ball touched the boundary rope. It was a rare rare shot. It takes so many words to explain this but it all happened in a nick of time and it was so profoundly etched in my memory that I cant forget it after so many years. One reason I cherish this so much is, I had an exam the next da…

My favourite Characters

Jai Guru Deva,
Some how remembering my favourite characters: Rosanna Spearman and Dr. John Watson. Rosanna Spearman is the servant lady in Moon Stone while Watson is the friend/ally of one and only Sherlock Holmes. I dont want write in my words as to why I like them so copy/pasting the below paragraphs. one from Moon Stone and the other from Sign of Four.
I turned to the slip of paper next. Here is the literal copy of it, word
for word: "Memorandum:--To go to the Shivering Sand at the turn of the tide. To
walk out on the South Spit, until I get the South Spit Beacon, and
the flagstaff at the Coast-guard station above Cobb's Hole in a line
together. To lay down on the rocks, a stick, or any straight thing to
guide my hand, exactly in the line of the beacon and the flagstaff. To
take care, in doing this, that one end of the stick shall be at the edge
of the rocks, on the side of them which overlooks the quicksand. To feel
along the stick, among the sea-weed (beginning from the end of t…

My Darling Swathi :P

Jai Guru Deva,
Other day i met an old friend of mine after three long years. He was also from AP and was part of our erst while yoga gang when I lived in Koramangala. One of the things that he was keen to know was about Swathi. Oh! that was sometime back when I had a serious crush about Swathi. Yeah! what a days they were! Almost everyday i used to tell people that I'm going to marry Swathi my sweet heart. One of the reasons I liked her is because she has double teeth on left side and a dimple. I really like people with dimples.  Be it Drew Barrymore or Colors Swathi I like them all! Also, I generally like the names starting with S, Sandhya, Sravani, Sowmya, Sravanthi, Swathi Sridhar, Srikant blah blah blah. (however, my most preferred name for a girl is Lakshmi Sravani). 
Not only my personal friends but also my online friends (who eventually became close personal friends) also know how much I liked swathi. In 2011, i received a wave cards, jokes about me and Swathi as birthday…