God Moments!!!

Jai Guru Deva,

Any number of words that I write fail miserably to explain what I feel when a small figure of five feet five inches moving into the dressing room at Wankhede. Like many good things in life it too has to end. No golden age runs forever. So its time I get habituated with cricket without God.When the word sachin comes into the air people talk about Chennai 1999, Centurion 2003, Uppal 2008 and so on. But my Sachin moments were rather peculiar.

Square Drive at Sharjah: 

This was the shot that played for the 4th delivery of 12th over. Bowler was Mike Kasparowich. The ball was straight on off stump and God whipped it between short cover and point fielder. Both of them had hardly moved before the ball touched the boundary rope. It was a rare rare shot. It takes so many words to explain this but it all happened in a nick of time and it was so profoundly etched in my memory that I cant forget it after so many years. One reason I cherish this so much is, I had an exam the next day but I still watched the match. Sachin ensured that I get my due share of joy for that.

Magic Over to Big Mac:

It is this over which  made Sachin into a dependable bowler when things are going wrong. I had witnessed MacMillan smacking towering sixes in the bowling of several top class bowlers. But i fail to understand why he couldnt even nudge the ball around for singles during that over. 

Upper Cut Innovation:

how can i forget the uppercuts Sachin played during the India-SA series. Playing over the heads of the slips is unthinkable before Sachin played those shots. Makhaya Ntini was at his prime and firing short pitched deliveries at will. It took someone of Sachin's calibre to innovate them and dismantle their bowling. Though India lost that test series it was a lesson to all the batsmen how to handle adversity.

The Straight Drives:

There a proverb which says the best is always through and quite rightly so, Sachin pierces the gap between the bowler and the umpire. It was so easy done people its a simple affair. However, not many could replicate what he did. 

What does Sachin mean to me?

Sachin mean punishments from parents for bunking the school.
Sachin means confidence that we can win.
Sachin means true batsmenship and grace.
Sachin means  Champion.
Sachin means a combination of all the above!

Thank you Sachin for being with me for 24 years. WE ALL LOVE YOU!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


I share and like all your views about Sachin! I can add one shot of Sachin the bowling of Caddick who the day earlier challenged him, and his first ball was sent out of the ground in 2003 World Cup.

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