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@Prasads Imax

Jai Guru Deva,
For the last 15mins I'm sitting in prasad imax lobby waiting for someone who is more than a brother to me. Sitting alone is always associated with the risk of making me nostalgic. First time I came to this place was a dream. it was almost ten years ago. people were yet to realize im junk(may be they did but didn't tell me). I was very happy to be in hyderabad amd also to be in imax. Prasads is one place where I wanted to watch a movie for a long time.  During that trip I didn't get to watch the movie but still it ws very pleasant and dream trip mainly because of people around me. I came to hyderabad to meet my sister and other friends.  Life moved a long way after that and now none of those friends are in touch with me. Some of them realized I am too much of nonsense and some were too busy with their professional and personal work. God bless them all!! I feel happy that I shared with them the good days of my life and not the traumatic days of my life.