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History has a place in its annals for many great people who influenced the masses around them. but its rare to find that one word motivated millions of people. It is the same word which created panic in the majestic empire of "the sun never set". It is the same word which provoked the sleeping patriotic zeal in the Indian SubContinent. Being an Indian I feel proude to yell "vandematarm" as a bow to my motherland, as a pledge to contribute towards my nation. the sacred ode manifested the elegance of Bankin Chandra Chatterjee in bringing the fire from deeper layers of human hearts. Because of this reason the word has become a synonym of Indian National movement. But unfortunate thing is that the present day politicians are resisting its patronization for the sake of vote bank politics. Much has happenend in the country because of the vote bank politics and this is one awkward face of it. the sole target of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav is to potray hiself as the saviour and…

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