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Learnings from Mahabharath -7: Sri Krishna

Jai Guru Deva,
Any learning from Mahabharath is not complete without understanding what Sri Krishna said and what he did because when the divine himself gives a message do we have a choice to miss it? Absolutely NO!
In each and every step of Mahabharath we will understand that Sri Krishna indeed is the Paramatma. When I hear some of the things of Bhagavadgita I cant help but get tears. I understood and appreciated the profoundness of Bhagavadgita after I started doing my Sadhana. After 2008, for a long time in my life I had this question "Why ME??" There were days when I cried alone as could not know the answer for that question. Only I know how much I suffered. I got my answer in the Holy Bhagavadgita "It was ME because the Almighty bestowed me with the courage and caliber to deal with it". 
Of all the personality development books that I had studied, the message from Bhagavan remains the most influential. Even today as I write this, my quotation at the top of my…

Sathvik's Struggles!!!

Jai Guru Deva,
Sathvik is fast growing up and its fun to be with him. just wonder how its already 10months since he is born. He is already crawling at full pace standing with support and falling without support :) Very recently started blabbering two letter sounds. However, in his eventful day here are some of the things he struggles the most:
1. To take the whole of football into his mouth. unfortunately the football with which he plays is bigger than his head but he gives his 100% to take that into his mouth. Alas, he never succeeded :)
2. To open the door of Puja room by banging on the door. This is his favourite activity to open the door of Puja room without touching the latch. He struggles miserably in his failed attempts :))
3. Another thing which he tries a lot is to lift the chair with his head :) unfortunately enough, neither his head is so strong nor the chair is so weak
4. To open the shelf with his hand. Surprisingly, he understands that the handle is to pulled to open th…