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Financial Planning tips for bachelors!!!

Well well well...
Before I jump into the topic let me draw your attention to our perception about money.. Here I'm putting some of the common ideas we have about "money"..
1. Someone is "Filthy rich", "Stinkingly rich".. 2. Being rich implies being corrupt.. 3. To become rich one needs to comprimise ethics/morals.. 4. Those who are rich dont know what is humility.  and the list goes on..
All these ideas are put into our head either by our parents/elders or by movies we watch.. our hero with a strong character can never hail from a rich household.. He should study in governement schools, drink tap water to fill his stomach, then grows up working hard only to impress the dumbest of girls called "Heroin"..
Having grown up watching such movies its no wonder we have negative perception about having huge bank balances or even thinking about them.. we are afraid to say that we aspire to earn big money.. because we know people will call us "money min…

I need 36 hours!

YES! I really need 36 hours per day.. life is so eventful and the world is full of amazing people how can I compromise with just 24 hours.. I just cant!!

For the last few weeks i'm so choked that I could not find space to write a post in pramaadavanam and finally copy/pasted some crap. Not only this, there are quite a few things which I want to do but I'm not doing and miss them dearly.. let me chalk out what are the things that I'm really longing to do but could not do as much as I like:
1. Playing with my nephew. yeah, I wish to spend at least one day per week with him but off late could not do so .. He is a first quality brat (as I was in my childhood) who uses my branded jeans as a toilet paper and  smartly maneuvers the situation with his chubby smile making me ignore remaining things.
2. Doing yoga for two hours. I seriously miss padma sadhana, the ultimate energy booster. nothing more is needed to make one "citius, altius,fortius" :)
3. Reading the novels of Ko…