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Madras Trip!!!

Wow.. thats the only word which I comes to my mind when I think about my Naada Vaibhavam trip.. I'm not going to write about the Naada Vaibhavam again but just trying to relive the whole of trip through this post..
It has been one week since I came back to Bangalore but still all the events are very much afresh.. all the bonds which were made in that trip seem to be very strong.. may be thats the greatness of belonging!!

Firstly, let me give a brief introduction about the team.. the team consists of 45 crazy, weird and cranky people(i'm one of them :))..

A teenager who spends 90% of his day either on facebook or thinking about facebook..
A girl who completed engg. but looks like a high school child.. (I bet she eats only once a week!)

A Doctor who looks everything in terms of scientists and enzymes.
A Kannadiga who  claims to have known only English movies(but cant recognize few latest movies though :))
A couple of ice cool organizers who seems to have lost the nerve of anger …

Naada Vaibhavam!!!

"Miracle", "8th Wonder", "Fantabulous", "Amazing"
All the above words combined will not suffice to explain the feeling with which I'm writing this post.. 
A day of Bliss, A day of Eternal joy A day of Completeness A day of Music Finally, A day of Divinity
Ladies and  Gentlemen, thats "Naada Vaibhavam"

For some experiences we wait for weeks, for some experiences we wait for months. Believe me, for this experience I have waited for few carnations..Some experiences are better unexplained, it is one such.. thats the least I can say about it..
the thought of 5000 musicians is always exciting(in the end we had 5700+).. but the grace took me into such a state that I'm unaware of my emotions.. All I remember is the tears in my eyes when they started singing the Annamacharya Keertana.. Dont know what had actually happened to me but I felt so full and complete as if I'm at the top of the world.. Yes, I'm sure "I WAS AT  THE TOP OF TH…