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Satvik Dharna!!!

Anna Hazare!!! whole of this country is echoing this name..  "A country starved of heros finds one in him" writes a blogger..  A 72 year old grand pa taking it to the street is something unusal.. a lot is being said about him both in the national as well as in the international media.. even a news paper like dawn which is always busy belittling Indians have given so much of coverage to him.. After Sachin's double hundred in 2009 this is the first time an Indian has been mentioned in a positive note in that news paper..  well coming to the grand pa, I'm not going to write about his profile and the different issues that he has fought.. but I definitely want to use this post as a memoir of that day when I participated in that dharna.. it is the first time that I attended a political rally/dharna etc.. belive me that was minor miracle to say the least..  there were around five to six thousand people among whom 95% people were aged less than 30 and many of them have directly f…