Satvik Dharna!!!

Anna Hazare!!!
whole of this country is echoing this name.. 
"A country starved of heros finds one in him" writes a blogger.. 
A 72 year old grand pa taking it to the street is something unusal.. a lot is being said about him both in the national as well as in the international media.. even a news paper like dawn which is always busy belittling Indians have given so much of coverage to him.. After Sachin's double hundred in 2009 this is the first time an Indian has been mentioned in a positive note in that news paper.. 
well coming to the grand pa, I'm not going to write about his profile and the different issues that he has fought.. but I definitely want to use this post as a memoir of that day when I participated in that dharna.. it is the first time that I attended a political rally/dharna etc.. belive me that was minor miracle to say the least.. 
there were around five to six thousand people among whom 95% people were aged less than 30 and many of them have directly from their work places carrying their laptops.. even I carried mine :) 
through media I came to know that the meeting is going  to start at 6PM that day so I started from the office by 4:30 and reached Mysore bank by 5:30 and now I dont know the place exactly nor I know how to reach that place.. so I was asking people around suddenly I observed a group of people  were standing on the pavement keeping placards which says "FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION" I was more than happy at that site and gladly joined that group.. The moment I went there people heartily greeted me and hugged me as if they know me for many years.. then they told me that the venue freedom park is near by and they are guiding people towards it.. As I happened to be the tallest they asked me to hold the placard and stand on the bike.. As I stood on the bike I screamed with my heart out "BHARATH MATA KI JAI".. Hailing from a priests family I know many sacred chantings but satisfaction of this screaming is all together different.. And even great thing was people responding with the same energy or even more!! By seeing the banner in my hand people were getting from the buses and joining us.. It was a gr8 feeling that so many people were there along with me..
By the time we reached freedom park my sister and her team from whitefield have already arrived.. so we just went and collected the candles.. soon the dharna started.. the group started moving forward after some time and all through this time people were shouting "Bharath Mata Ki Jai" "Corruption Down Down" etc etc.. Another thing surprised me was people responding to songs like "Saare Jahan Se Achcha", "Hum Honge Kamyaab" etc.. I was with a strong belief that this generation is insensitive to such songs and few of those who consider those songs seriously were tagged as "Old Fashioned" "Boring" people..
Anyway, once the dharna started for the next 2hrs or more I was shouting the slogans.. I didnt stop, because if I dont do that my conscious will not forgive me.. if a 72 year old is fasting for my country, cant a 27 yr old support him?? At the fag end of the dharna we had speeches by some of the people who were in hunger strike.. one of the guys said something so phenomenal.. it goes like "I'm not doing this strike for myself ; I'm doing this for my kids" YES he's hit the bull's eye!! if the situation continues this way we cant imagine our next generations having a safe and secure life..

Many in my office, many of my friends said its just waste of time and nothing can be done in this way.. may be they are true.. there is no gaurantee that this dharna will be effective, finally it might prove to be a waste.. but i'm not someone to accept defeat so easily.. there might be a million reasons why I should fail but my lack of effort should not be one of among them.. give 100%.. LIVE LIFE KING SIZE

Down the line if I look back into my life these are the days that I'm gonna cherish.. people who participated are immensely talented and equally committed.. who knows? this might be a day when I fought along the future Premier  of India..
Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


Anonymous said…
lucky you karthika garu..u cud participate...:)
i felt all the happiness n proud u felt while reading ur post..
i cud nt attend it..!:((

A good friend on mine asked me one day, "What if I broke your trust someday....." I just replied, "Trusting you was my decision, proving me right is your choice." (liked it very much)...:)


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