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Mandir,Masjid aur Natak!!

Again the ghost of Babri Masjid/Ram Janmabhbhumi has come alive with the Allahabad HC due to deliver the verdict next week.. week before the verdict, the court asked the relevant parties to settle the issue with consensus.. Before worrying about the request of the court lets go back to basics and make an effort to understand this problem..Let me jot down the arguments of two parties in this regard:
Hindu View:
Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya and there was a temple on his name. This temple has been raised to dust by Babar and a mosque was built in that place. That Mosque was "inadvertently"demolished in 1992 and now we need to rebuild the temple.
Muslim View:
The Masjid present there was destroyed by Hindu groups and we need to rebuild it. 
A small stat, this karma bhumi is rather the only country in this planet where there are more prayer halls than the number of schools and hospitals.
Firstly I must confess that both the parties have a right to cry foul because their respective p…