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decision making

"To be or not to be dts the question" says a Shskespearean character in "As You Like It". after all our life is about making a right decision at right time. but dt 'll be the toughest part of one's life. a boy says to a gal "But for seeing you I might 've become a seer" dt throws the gal in to a hot situation. she neither knew dts 100% sycophancy nor the criticality of her decision. making a decision would change the face of her life. in the recent past I shud place myself in the position of the gal afore mentioned. and the position of the boy can be given to an Indian Auto Gaint and an American Univ. but fortunately I'm intelligent than the typical "gal"(no hard felings). so I was reluctant for both the offers . but dts no easy going for me. I had valuble suggestions from my buddies, family and my beloved mentor(VIMP Sir). now by virtue of those decisions i've to work more for my placements which r going to be held in decme…

what a hectic week

every human being has to face some crests and troughs in the journey called life. I understood this fact very well in the last two months. experienced some joyful moments and faced some humiliations. but that was all personal for me. last time when i updated my blog i was thinking to write about friendship and its implications but ended up in writing about prabha. In fact that always happens with me. I starts with somethin in mind but end up with something else. even my deeds in this week are going similarly. I was thinking to do some research but never did it all through this week. I met my guide, a sweet and cardial person one can ever find seeking his guidance. he said that my work till then was admirable. may be thats why i didnt do any work till now and another meet with the guide is in store coming monday. another big issue with me is my sleep. ppl tracking my blog would know better what kind of a worst sleep i get. believe for the past 15days i never went to bed before 2am. whe… dearest

jus about 45min ago train no:2225 left kanpur station to Delhi. a mob of iitians were on the platform and only one lean person with a hair style of a rock star entered the train and the train went on its unending journey making way for a new turn in that person's life. No one in the train knew that this person's journey is not to Delhi but to Technical University of Munich, Germany. no one knew that this person is goin places in his career.
almost 13months ago i entered room no: C-211 of Hall4. in the first week of my stay i didnt met any one from the IME dept. then an andhra fren of mine showed a person leaner than me with spectacles in eyes named "prabhakar". this is the same person left iit a couple of hours ago.
first thing i recognised about him is his telugu accent which is very strange to me. and his feelings are also same regd my telugu. as we ppl hail from two extreme corners of AP we never came across one others' language. though he is a domicile of AP he…