jus about 45min ago train no:2225 left kanpur station to Delhi. a mob of iitians were on the platform and only one lean person with a hair style of a rock star entered the train and the train went on its unending journey making way for a new turn in that person's life. No one in the train knew that this person's journey is not to Delhi but to Technical University of Munich, Germany. no one knew that this person is goin places in his career.
almost 13months ago i entered room no: C-211 of Hall4. in the first week of my stay i didnt met any one from the IME dept. then an andhra fren of mine showed a person leaner than me with spectacles in eyes named "prabhakar". this is the same person left iit a couple of hours ago.
first thing i recognised about him is his telugu accent which is very strange to me. and his feelings are also same regd my telugu. as we ppl hail from two extreme corners of AP we never came across one others' language. though he is a domicile of AP he was born and brought up in CG so he is a typical north indian. very soon this lean person has become my close pal in the dept and as well as in iit. we worked together in many activities ranging from academic projects to chitchatting in Ashok's canteen. we shared many funny and lovely experiences with each other. one fantastic feature of Prabha is his helping nature. in the month end of April when we are working of Ravi's Question paper he is the one who collected the Fluids text from another of his aquaintance. he even helps the worst person of our class whom all the others hate to meet.
most memorable incident with prabha is regd mittal sir. As prabha is the topper of his subject(of course he topped many) he remembered the name but thought that i was prabhakar!!!! the awkward part of this episode is that i'm one of the C grade students of that subject. we laughed a lot after he met mittal sir personally for his reco. now if i see mittal sir i'll jus run away from there.
now that prabha has left IIT and by the time he sees this blog he 'll be in TUM. that thought delights me a lot. i couldnt go to send off ravi to US but atleast i did it in prabha's case.
praying for my buddy's glory


Amit Chandrakar said…
great ......great nothing more to say
Nitin Goyal said…
Prabhakar...the real diamond
I met him at IGI and from that time he is with us in gr8 luck that he is with us.
very helping nature and very intelligent...even i was studying digital design and he solved some problems for me....don't know what to say more.very good sport person.....bas gali bahut jiyada nikalta hai...kahbhi kahbhi baat bhii nahi sunta.

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