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RIP 2012!!!

Another year passed.. However, it didnt pass alone.. It took a lot of people who are close to me.. It told me brutally that I'm a slave to mundane instincts like anger and frustration. It also gave me backpain which I think is the first big ailment I got. Need to workout how to overcome this.. My Lower back pains like crazy sometimes.. Regarding the death spree, in a span of six/seven months i have lost six people w ho are close to me.. and more awkward thing is I met many of my relatives only during funerals and 12-13th day events.. Many times I wondered how cruel this fate can be? Anyways, it would be gross injustice to place this year in the league of 2008 nonetheless quite painful year on a personal side and a challenging one on a professional front.  Everybody thinks that my life is going ga ga as its the first year of my married life.. on the contrary God gave me my quota of pains to keep me grounded. Thank the Almighty for that!!!

The year started with me moving to my own …

Why mother is gr8???

I'm not writing any of my boring stuff.. read the following story:

AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE, when the rescue team reached the young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks. But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees like a person was worshiping; her body was leaning forward, and her two hands were supporting by an object. The collapsed house had crashed her back and her head.
With so many difficulties, the leader of the rescue team put his hand through a narrow gap on the wall to reach the woman’s body. He was hoping that this woman could be still alive. However, the cold and stiff body told him that she had passed away for sure.He and the rest of the team left this house and were going to search the next collapsed building.

For some reasons, the team leader was driven by a compelling force to go back to the ruin house of the dead woman. Again, he knelt down and used his had through the narrow cracks to search the little space under the dead body. Sudde…

Posts to preserve..

The purpose of this particular post is to keep links of some of the very good posts i have read recently. By this collection i aspire to reach out to the posts without wasting much time:

Astronomy, space etc:

These four posts are written by Manchu garu and Madhura. Surprisingly both their professions are no way related to astronomy, NASA etc. It is such a nice post that I had taken print out of one of them to give it to the neighboring kid. Kudos to both of them.

Food- Veg Vs Nonveg:

Though I'm strong supporter of Vegetarianism and I wis…


Not every day that I become nostalgic but today I'm feeling quite nostalgic. It has been already one year since I got married and life still looks very much fresh and unchanged. About my marriage, there are two people whom I should sincerely apologize. Not that it will make any difference to their lives but from my side its moral obligation.

First one is my friend's father. He stayed in my house hardly for 2days but trusted me so much that offered me a place in his family. I feel very much honored to have received a proposal from their family but at the same time ideas of my family are quite different. I carry the same respect towards him and his family and want to apologize him for all the pain I gave him. I'm sure it was few weeks effort from him. Very Sorry once again and no disrespect meant!!

Second one is my friend who asked me to marry his sister. In this case, my family is keen but not me. There are certain things everybody wants to be specific about marriage and I…

A note from my diary!!!

Of all the things I possess, my diary is special. Not that I write it everyday but it has got all my bad secrets recorded in it. It doesnt make an iota of difference to me if someone else lay hands on it but it contain intricate details regarding others so I generally ensure it is untouched (by others).

Now I am writing a note from my diary which i wrote almost four years ago. The reason for bringing this up is a discussion thats happening in the one of the google groups that i'm part of about parents-children relation. In a discussion about parents-children-marraige, I vehemently support parents consistently. (one can find the same in my old blog posts.) one reason for my stance is the incident mentioned in this note. The text in italics below is the content of the actual note and i made some editing for clarity.
To start with the day was Friday, 9th Jan 2009.

Today I started from the office at 6:45PM and was struggling through the ever busy and dusty roads of Bangalore. The flyo…

Jaspal Bhatti Zindabad!!!

Zindabad Zindabad!!
Jaspal Bhatti Zindabad!!

As a south indian kid, the name Jaspal Bhatti sounded very funny to me, what is this bhatti?? sounded quite nonsense. I didnt understand much of his serials then because of my limited/no knowledge of hindi. But I evidently remember the pirate attire he wore to mention the script of the serial is pirated.

I didnt realize the level of satire in flopshow untill i went to Kanpur and started to understand the Punjabi style of Hindi. When I first watched the serial in our lab I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. I think the first episode that I watched was "Government Officer". Some people depend only on dialogues for comedy like Trivikram Srinivas and some entirely rely on situational comedy like friends. (I never watched friends but i heard people calling it sitcom). But very rarely someone can blend both dialogues and situation to get the maximum comedy out. Telugu people are fortunate to witness this rare combination from…

Workers Vs Entrepreneurs!!!

Everybody works for money, no doubts about that. But many remain as employees/workers and some end up as entrepreneurs earning big money and fame. In this post I tried to jot down certain points which I think are the difference between the two. This is all my own experience. As in case of everything in this world, this also boils down to one thing: ATTITUDE

Product Vs Process: Employees/workers focus on product where as entrepreneurs focus on process. Let me explain this with an example: every town/city in India have got some eating joint which mastered preparation some item and everybody are crazy about it. Like MTR in Bangalore, Bawarchi in Hyderabad, Komala Vilas in Nellore etc, you have atleast one place in the town which is very special but that fellow will be limited to his place only. He never expands his business, nor he creates a brand for himself. On the other side you have Mc Donald, probably the worst food provider on this planet. Atleast, I have not seen any place which …

Victory of Windies!!

Few days ago West Indies team have beaten the hosts Sri Lanka to win the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. I  just tried to understand the various aspects of Windies cricket to reach this place.

Lost Glory: The regal look of Clive Llyod has vanished, so does the marauding spirit of King Richards. Shamefully enough, Lara is labelled as the last king of Caribbean which sums up that the assembly line of great cricketers have come to an abrupt end. There is no X factor in the bowling, no more lethal pace, nor the breath taking swing. No more Michael Holding, no more Andy Roberts. Sunil Naraine might be a dangerous bowler to England or SA who are perennially weak against spin but against Sri Lanka on their home turf, he is also just another bowler who could be effective on his day, NOT everyday.
The team: Desmond Haynes, Gordon Greenidge and Brian Lara Et al are gone and over. The present top order consists of a tyro and the other two are more in news for non-cricketing reasons. In the last one …

(My) Story of Bindi!!

Disclaimer: The content of this post is purely one of the several biases that I carry. I neither lament about them nor try to become unbiased. Because THIS IS THE WAY I AM. It means no reference to anyone dead or alive ;-)
In India bindi is a predominant custom among woman of all religions. Apart from Hindus, many sects of Christianity and few sects of Islam practice this tradition. Keeping bindi is also treated as a symbol that the woman is not a widow.
How did the tradition of bindi started?? As per the Ancient Indian philosophy every part of the body is recognized as a place for someone.. For e.g. heart is the place for loved ones. Similarly the place between the eye brows is the position of the Teachers, so as a token of respect to the Guru/teaching community the idea of bindi was introduced. Also, people in the olden days used to keep sindhur along with kumkum and both of them were cosmetics.. We Indians are always fond of looking good ;-)
 Regarding me,  I dont like people who d…


RSS- Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh!! if R-Square is the most abused and misused metric of statistics, RSS is the most misused word on the Inidian Socio- Political scenario. If someone wants to increase their secular credentials the best way is to bash RSS. It guarantees two things:  1. You can pose to the cameras as a Messiah of  secularism with a holy grail called modernity plastered to your hand 2. You will be instantly famous..
Before diving deep into principles of RSS and other stuff, I want to remind that RSS is purely a voluntary organization. The word Swayamsevak means "Volunteer". Now let me mention some of the places and organizations that I volunteered for: 1. I was the placement coordinator for our dept in IITK. Also, during my second year of MTech I was the DPGC. (dont ask me to explain the acronym) 2. I was the coordinator for our dept extra curricular activities organization during my B.Tech Days.. My God brother Ashok named it as  "OrCaD" and I took …

My Top-10 Bhajans

Today is world Music day..  so just remembering my favourite bhajans.. few years back my computer contained almost 20GB of Pop, Rock and movie songs.. now I dont have any english songs.. ofcourse I still have some telugu movie songs but absolutely no English.. May be I'm done with Linkin Parks, MLTRs and MJ  for this life time..

Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe..

Amazing lyrics with fantabulous singing. I dont know the kid who sang this song but for all the joy I got I really wish I could hug the kid once.. Feel so blessed when I listen this song.

Krishnam Vande Paramanandam Vande..

This is another awesome song.. wonder how a human voice attains perfection so easily when sung with devotion.  Is it because of human dedication or power music or Divine order..I really have no clue.. One lady (I forgot her name) had sung this song in "Naadavaibhavam" for me that was one of the best moments of my life..

Narayana Narayana Jai Jai Govinda Hare

This is an energetic bhajan.. i…

Thats My Mom!!

May 10th has come and its Mom's birthday..its a long time since I want to write about amma.. talking about amma and talking with amma is definitely a great feeling.. 

I was  staying away from home starting 2005 and even today after six years whenever I call home she starts the conversation with one standard sentence "I was thinking of you and you called me". Irrespective of the time she will tell the same because all through the day she will think of me.. when I got my first promotion and told her about it she tells me "If you tell these kind of news I would like to live some more years".. At that time she was just recovering from some blood clots in her brain.. She was not just a mother but more of a moral support who taught me a lot of things.. thats my mom!!
one thing that stands out in my mother is her commitment to the family's cause.. she is definitely the strongest pillar of my family. Whatever my family does she is the one who takes maximum burden…

Facts of this World!!!

More India bashing you do, More Intellectual you become!
More Hindu bashing you do, More Secular you become!
More corporate bashing you do, More Communist you become!
More Male bashing you do, More Feminist you become!
More Police bashing you do, More Humanly right you become!
More America bashing you do, More Liberal you become!
More Teacher bashing you do, More Charismatic you become!
More Tradition bashing you do, More modern you become!
More Israel bashing you do, More Islamic you become!
More Western bashing you do, More Pakistani you become!

More Wife bashing you do, IDIOT! dont overestimate yourself! :D

An Article and My Response!!

In the backdrop of the recent avalanche in Siachen there was a mindless article in DAWN newspaper. The original article can be found here.This paper supposedly the best newspaper in Pakistan and this is its quality :(

I read The Hindu News paper every day and never found such one sided articles bashing other countries. Despite my millions of differences with The Hindu I still say its a lot better than its Pakistani counter parts.

Here is my Response:

Firstly my deep condolences for the soldiers families. May God give them strength to pass this testing phase.

And about this article, it stands as an example to show why the world have a problem with Pakistan and why Pakistan cannot be trusted. These kind of half truths were spread left right and center by Pakistani establishment as well as by Pakistani media for the sake of their own interests. Money matters! so does power!
Pakistan had sent touring expeditions to Siachen as early as 1957. Observing the indifferent attitude of the Indian …

Seva is saviour!!!

One of My favorite videos of Bawu..

This video is something which I just love.. Here Bawa explains why doing seva is important for this human life..
Right now I'm really missing my seva activities and want to start them again from this week. Really looking forward to do contribute something..

Jai Gurudeva!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

A courage called Dr.Swamy

When discussing about politics, heroism etc my father talks of only two names: 1. George Fernandes 2. Subramaniam Swamy.
First time I heard of Dr. Swamy was during Vajpayee's rule and he made some remark which sounded trivial to me. In the next election he failed to get the deposit as well. I thought he is just another politician trying to find some space in the news channels and papers. But today he looks to me as an icon and inspiration. Very few people have impressed me so much that I tend to idolize them and I confess that only Dr.Swamy could do that in the recent past. He is not Dr. Kalam, not a Steve Waugh  and definitely not my Guruji, but still I'm so impressed with him. The way he is fighting the corruption is worth a big applause. He dont have any followers to burn the effigies of his detractors nor he has any strong family legacy to protect his interests or any Hazare model core team to devise strategies as well as plan of actions. With his sheer will power he beca…

A miracle called 2011!!!

Before going into the details, let me publish a mail which my friend had sent me few days ago:

From: rajkumar
Date: 2011/12/31
Subject: 2011 Target
To: karthik indrakanti , jeevani anantapur , @@@@@@ , మంచుపల్లకీ, @@@@@@, banthi
పోయిన ఏడాది కాత్రీకు ఈ విష్యాలతో మైల్ పంపాడు. ఎవరు ఎంతవరకూ రీచయ్యారో చూద్దాం అని చెక్ చేశా... ఈ కాత్రీక్ మామూలోడు కాదని తెలిసింది. ఈ మైల్ గుర్తుకు రావటం అన్నీ వెరిఫై చేసుకోటం చాలా హ్యాపీగా అనిపించింది నాకు. థాంకుల్ కార్తీకూ..
కార్తీక్ః 1. పెళ్ళి చేసుకోవాలి---> కున్నాడు 2. అపార్ట్మెంట్ బుక్ చెయ్యాలి. -- > చేసేశేడు 3. చిత్రమాలిక లో ప్రతీ వార కనీసం 5 వ్యాసాలు ఉండేటట్టు చూడాలి -> నేను లెక్కపెట్ట లేదు గానీ... బతిమాలో, బుజ్జగించో, తిట్టో, కొట్టో  చాలామంది చేత రాయించేశాడు.  4. నాన్ వెజిటేరియనిజం కు వ్యతిరేకంగా ఒక కార్యక్రమం చెయ్యాలి -> ఈ ఉద్యమం ఎంత వరకూ వచ్చిందో తెలీదు (మంచు గారు వద్దని సలహా ఇచ్చేరు) గానీ... పోస్ట్ వేసి నాన్ వెజ్జీలని బజ్జీలు వేసినట్టొ వేయించేశాడూ 5. ఒక జర్నల్ పేపర్ పుబ్లిష్ చెయ్యాలి.. --> నాకు తెల్వది. 6. ఆఫీస్ లో ఒకరికి SAS న…