My Top-10 Bhajans

Today is world Music day..  so just remembering my favourite bhajans.. few years back my computer contained almost 20GB of Pop, Rock and movie songs.. now I dont have any english songs.. ofcourse I still have some telugu movie songs but absolutely no English.. May be I'm done with Linkin Parks, MLTRs and MJ  for this life time..

Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe..

Amazing lyrics with fantabulous singing. I dont know the kid who sang this song but for all the joy I got I really wish I could hug the kid once.. Feel so blessed when I listen this song.

Krishnam Vande Paramanandam Vande..

This is another awesome song.. wonder how a human voice attains perfection so easily when sung with devotion.  Is it because of human dedication or power music or Divine order..I really have no clue.. One lady (I forgot her name) had sung this song in "Naadavaibhavam" for me that was one of the best moments of my life..

Narayana Narayana Jai Jai Govinda Hare

This is an energetic bhajan.. if the above two bhajans make me go deep into my self this one will make me smile, jump and dance. God bless those who sing this song..

Shivaraja Maheswara..

Shivaraja Maheswara is one of the first bhajans I ever heard.. so i have an emotional attachment with this song..
This song is sung by Dr. Manikanthan from Art of Living.. Believe me, he just touches your heart and you cant escape.. He is just awesome!!
Radhe Shyam..

What can I say about a wonder called Vikram Hazra?? I had attended his live satsang only once but he almost converted me into his fan/follower ;-) I just cant forget the energy that was generated in Vikram bhayya's satsang. It already crossed two years since I attended that.. dont know when I will get another chance..

Achutam Kesavam

This is another marvel by Vikram Bhayya.. When I first heard this song, it took me into some sort of trance; both by melody and meaning.. I just love this song..

Parameshwaraya Shashishekharaya..

This song is by Rishiji.. I have attended Rishiji's satsangs 2-3 times and some one or the other asks Rishiji to sing this song.. this is so good..

Hari Sundara Nanda Mukunda..

I wont tell anything.. just listen and feel the power..

Swara raga ganga pravahame..

This is not a bhajan; actually a movie song.. original was a malayalam movie and sung by legend Yesudas..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu


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