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Roots of Islamic Terrorism!!!

This video tells how Indian muslims are driven into a suicidal war against Hindus.. This scumbag here says that Muslims can kill 100 crores of muslims in 15minutes but he conveniently forgets that it was Hindu doctors who treated this fellow when he was shot down by another muslim and it was hindu blood given to him to survive.. Unpardonable crook!!

Given this video, it is not surprising that any terrorist activity in India had its roots in Hyderabad because of these extremist elements roaming freely.. Thats why Hyderabad is never in my favorite list.. Leave about catching terrorists Hyderabad police are not even capable of implementing the Helmet rule. The simple reason was it was opposed by Muslims.. In cities like Abudabhi, Tehran etc if a biker is found without a helmet a hefty fine will be imposed but in Hyderabad nothing of that sort will happen.. that tells us how inefficient and corrupt both the people and authorities are!!

On the other side,
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