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(My) Story of Bindi!!

Disclaimer: The content of this post is purely one of the several biases that I carry. I neither lament about them nor try to become unbiased. Because THIS IS THE WAY I AM. It means no reference to anyone dead or alive ;-)
In India bindi is a predominant custom among woman of all religions. Apart from Hindus, many sects of Christianity and few sects of Islam practice this tradition. Keeping bindi is also treated as a symbol that the woman is not a widow.
How did the tradition of bindi started?? As per the Ancient Indian philosophy every part of the body is recognized as a place for someone.. For e.g. heart is the place for loved ones. Similarly the place between the eye brows is the position of the Teachers, so as a token of respect to the Guru/teaching community the idea of bindi was introduced. Also, people in the olden days used to keep sindhur along with kumkum and both of them were cosmetics.. We Indians are always fond of looking good ;-)
 Regarding me,  I dont like people who d…