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Modernism at its best!!!

I'm writing this with immense pain from the deep layers of my heart and with the helplessness of a orphan...Before concluding that i'm mad or insane just see the pic.. 
From the so called "civilized societies", we learnt to celebrate mothers day, fathers day, valentines day etc etc. there is nothing called husbands day or wifes day because in that societies no affection exists between husband-wife and that relation is meant only for fun. That fun is nothing but two bags of shit and bones rubbing each other with the expectation that they will attain "enjoyment" after sometime.. My doubt is why should someone be loved only one day of an year? why not through out? However, We never learn from them activities like "Students Against Drunken Driving", dignity of labour etc.. but we are damn good at these so called "Traits of Modernism" And then, one bastard makes nude p…

Brainstorming, gyan, blah blah blah

Sometime back there scheduled a brainstorming session of the team I belong and as expected the purpose of this session is to improve team performance along with some corporate gyan. Till date I never witnessed any useful outcome of such sessions and this time thought of doing some serious preparation before the session.. As a policy of going from the basics I have decided to know what is this brainstorming funda.. when I went to google regarding this I found a blog where there are some 25 brainstorming methods are mentioned. you can find the link here. After going through all of them I was surprised to see that many of those techniques are the ones which I follow involuntarily.. Not only me but many people might be using the same may be we are not aware of it.. let me put some of them which I generally use..
Gap filling: Plain and straight.. answer very simple questions like "what we want?" , "where we stand?" etc and the thread of solution can be found.
Mind Map: Ano…

Crisis in Pakistan

Following is the mail I got from UNICEF:

Dear Karthik,

The images from Pakistan are gut-wrenching.

Devastating floods last weekend ravaged homes and crops. 1,400 are already confirmed dead. More than 1 million children are in desperate need of emergency assistance.

UNICEF has mobilized all available resources in the region – distributing hygiene kits and high-energy protein biscuits, repairing tube wells, and setting up medical camps. But with many areas still inaccessible, the needs will only grow in the coming days.

Please donate now and help support relief efforts in Pakistan.

With gratitude,

Caryl M. Stern

President & CEO

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Dear Karthik,

The news from Pakistan continues to develop by the hour. As more information becomes available, we will share details with you. Visit FieldNotes for the latest images and updates from our field staff there.

In other news, UNICEF is working to end the practice of child marriage. Marriage often marks the end of a girl’s education and the…

Friendship Day 2010

Today, until now I received 12 text messages and almost same number of mails  containing some nice touchy(?) quotes followed by "Happy Friendship Day"  so was giving a little thought about this concept called "FRIENDSHIP"..
In the meanwhile I remembered a quotation I read somewhere which goes like:
"You should trust people, because if you are right then you will get a friend, otherwise you will learn a life worthy lesson. Either ways you should trust people"
Two people whom I believed as my friends for years have taught me unforgettable lessons (once in 2005 and the worst in 2008)..The problem here is that the lesson which you learn is sometimes so painful that it makes you feel living one foot away from hell. It is because of this phase that people never trust again lol.. So the big question remaining: "Is friendship needed? If yes, why?" let me do some brainstorming..
who are the best friends I have? Do I have any?  Are there anyone who care a dam…