Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Power of Silence!!

Jai Guru Deva,

Couple of weeks back I did my advance course in the Ashram. The major attraction of the advance course is the opportunity to stay in silence for few days. This concept of silence sounds very weird to people who are not associated with Art of Living and generally a source of jokes and satire on the spiritual path. For me, silence is perhaps the greatest bliss I ever enjoyed. There is no greater joy, there is no deeper ecstasy and definitely no bigger comfort. My job is project management and I end up participating in a lot of stressful conversations whether I like it or not. Not always these conversations leave me in high spirits. On a personal side also, my life is very very eventful and ensure that I get the true gist of my presence on this planet. So silence helps a lot to cleanse the negative impressions that I get and the negative emotions that I may end up carrying. It has been almost 20 days since I did my course and I didnt get angry even once. (I didnt get angry atleast once between Ugadi of 2010 and Ugadi of 2011 and I really aspire to beat that record.) 

More importantly, silence helps to understand your own thought process. Te hell with the world, atleast YOU should understand yourself. Staying in silence helps to identify the blind spots in our personality. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if I have not habituated sadhana. Yes, I am not doing seva any more and attend satsangs occasionally still my sadhana is more than 95%. I have no regrets for whatever happened in the past and I am not afraid of anything that is going to happen in the future. Staying in silence makes you understand that you dont need anything from the past or future to be happy. You can be happy irrespective any other happening on this planet because that is what you chose to be. Period! 

 When I was doing the course during some of the process and some yoga sessions I had tears in my eyes for taking so much of gap for the course. May be now I have earned to come back to the ashram and stay in silence. After the course is over and I am back to my normal people atleast four people told me that my face as got some glow. That is the glow of being with myself. That is the glow of coming to terms with the hard realities of life. That is the glow of smiling without reason. That is the glow of celebrating life. All of this happen without any effort from me, I just participate in the meditations giving my 100% and Guruji will ensure that I get what I need. There is absolutely no effort from my side. All the bliss flows very naturally and beautifully. Thats why I really wanted to do an advance course atleast once in an year.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Friday, September 04, 2015

I am a blesser!!!

Jai Guru Deva,

I would like to inform everybody that I am a blesser now and I can bless people who are suffering. Anybody who is going through any physical/mental/emotional pain can contact me for blessing and I will bless that person. Any one can ask me to bless through comment section of this post. I need not know any kind of identity regarding the person who is asking the blessing. You can ask blessing for any person in your circle. I will bless that person. I need absolutely no details of that person.

What is "becoming blesser"?
Blessing a beautiful gift Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji had given to the mankind. In reality this was an ancient tradition in Hindu religion which was conveniently forgotten in the course of time. Art of Living have a course called Blessing course where one will undergo certain processes and meditations so as to become a blesser. This does not mean others are not eligible to bless people but this is a way to have some satisfaction as you are contributing something towards the society you live in. Blessing course is an amazing experience where you will win over a lot of negative emotions and cross the barriers like "mine", "yours" "theirs".

Why people should be blessed?
Often we experience certain situations where our mundane intelligence is not enough to solve the problem at hand. At such scenarios none other than divine intervenes to ensure we deal with the situation properly. Blessing is the way one gets the divine support they are looking for. In my life, I had seen people suffer and my mortal capabilities are not enough to support certain people. I feel helpless and guilty in such situations. Now that I am blesser, I bless people whom I cannot support in any other way.

Does Blessing works?
Ofcourse it works. I had personally experienced this several times. But I want to share one particular incident in this regard:
It was in the first week of May 2010, my niece Rishitha had just crossed one month. My sister, my parents and my grand mother had come to Bangalore because of too much heat in Kadapa.(There are two seasons in Kadapa, Summer and Extreme Summer). On the evening of the day they reached Bangalore my sister started screaming with pain at the place of her surgery. Neither my mother, nor my grand mother knew why she is getting the pain.We dont even have the chance to run to any doctor because I dont know of any doctor around. I also moved less than six months ago into that area and have absolutely no circle to talk with. Just before this, I had finished my DSN with Ram Prasad ji and I realized that something called "blessing" is some miraculous problem solving method. Frankly, I didnt give much importance in the first instance because it sounded too impractical. The logical side of my mind didnt agree. Afterall, I am an IITian and that proves that I have a sound logical side :))
However, at that moment my helplessness made me to ask blessing from somebody. I thought of calling Shushmakka to bless my sister but Shushmakka was in TTC and not reachable through mobile. Shushmakka had already become my punching bag with whom I crib, cry and complain about  a million things on this planet earth and about my ownself. Then I went through some of the contacts I had collected in DSN and found that one girl could be a blesser and called her. Luckily she is a blesser and she had talked with my sister for two minutes.. yes only two minutes.. and my sister's pain is GONE. That moment I had understood what Bawa meant when he said "We people in AOL doesnt believe in miracles; we rely on them". Later my sister was fine for two more days until we got an appointment with a proper doctor. Thats the power of blessing!! Till then I had a doubt whether Guruji is God or not.. and should I chose him as my Guru :P but that day I realized that he is God and he had chosen me to be his disciple. Thank you Guruji!!! I know this is very difficult to believe for anyone who is not in the spiritual path. People try to fit everything within the small window of their intellect. Unfortunately, you cannot capture whole of a sea in a small bowl and you cannot convince somebody's intellect in these things which are experiences not maths or physics.

Can we take blessing from anybody else?
ofcourse you can. Just to clarify, when I say "I will bless" its not Karthik; its the eternal almighty present in the whole universe. It is the series of Gurus who had bestowed this planet with their holy presence, it is Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji who is at work. I as an individual is a mere tool, nothing more than that. Whether you take Gangajal from a Copper pot or a mud pot, piousness of the water will not change. Same way, it may be myself or some other xyz you will receive the blessing.

Personally, I take blessing from any blesser(mostly Shushmakka) when I have any critical deliverable at hand or I am going through any rough patch in life.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Learnings from Mahabharath -7: Sri Krishna

Jai Guru Deva,

Any learning from Mahabharath is not complete without understanding what Sri Krishna said and what he did because when the divine himself gives a message do we have a choice to miss it? Absolutely NO!

In each and every step of Mahabharath we will understand that Sri Krishna indeed is the Paramatma. When I hear some of the things of Bhagavadgita I cant help but get tears. I understood and appreciated the profoundness of Bhagavadgita after I started doing my Sadhana. After 2008, for a long time in my life I had this question "Why ME??" There were days when I cried alone as could not know the answer for that question. Only I know how much I suffered. I got my answer in the Holy Bhagavadgita "It was ME because the Almighty bestowed me with the courage and caliber to deal with it". 

Of all the personality development books that I had studied, the message from Bhagavan remains the most influential. Even today as I write this, my quotation at the top of my blog is from Bhagavadgita. As Krishna says, you  are not the owner of the result but just a doer and so do your Karma. Expectation of the result puts unwanted and unnecessary pressure. Arjuna was at the giving up his dharma in the disillusion that he is owning the result but Krishna convinced him that the result is not in his hands and all he can do is to perform his duty. This is sheer wisdom! 

Apart from Bhagavadgita, other important message that Krishna gave was to stand for righteous cause. He made Pandavas to kill their own kith and kin because dharma towards society is far superior to the personal bonds. Personal conflicts are always emotional but a kshatriya's commitment to the society cannot be compromised. After all, ethics are always greater than emotions. This is something which I believed since my childhood. I pray the God to give me enough strength to stick to my ethics which sometimes can be very demanding. People hated me for sticking to ethics as it didnt match their expectations but alas, its not in my hands. The day I compromise on ethics I am more dead than alive. After all, a human's integrity is the corner stone of his character; nothing less nothing more.

Guruji asked all of us to read some verses(atleast one) of Bhagavadgita everyday before sleeping. I have not started it because of the office work and sometimes Sathvik ensures that I play with him just before sleeping. But I have to find a work around and start reading the Gita.  

The actor who played the role of Sri Krishna in Mahabharath is Nitish Bharadwaj. I like his acting a lot particularly when he makes sarcastic comments. One of the conversation which I liked the most was during Saindhav vadha. Nitish's body language and diction were very good all through the serial. 

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sathvik's Struggles!!!

Jai Guru Deva,

Sathvik is fast growing up and its fun to be with him. just wonder how its already 10months since he is born. He is already crawling at full pace standing with support and falling without support :) Very recently started blabbering two letter sounds. However, in his eventful day here are some of the things he struggles the most:

1. To take the whole of football into his mouth. unfortunately the football with which he plays is bigger than his head but he gives his 100% to take that into his mouth. Alas, he never succeeded :)

2. To open the door of Puja room by banging on the door. This is his favourite activity to open the door of Puja room without touching the latch. He struggles miserably in his failed attempts :))

3. Another thing which he tries a lot is to lift the chair with his head :) unfortunately enough, neither his head is so strong nor the chair is so weak

4. To open the shelf with his hand. Surprisingly, he understands that the handle is to pulled to open the book shelf, neither me nor Sowmya taught him that. However, the shelf is too strong rather Sathvik is too weak to open :P

5. To hold and pluck the flowers from the balcony. There is a creeper in our balcony and the flowers hang on there touching our faces. Somehow Sathvik is too interested in those flowers may be because of green/white combination. Neither his height supports him nor the strength in his legs permits him to reach out to the flowers. Poor Sathvik! :D

6. To communicate with the etv news reader from home. For some reason I dont know Sathvik likes the starting music of etv news. If he is not sleeping, he gets very excited and jumps forward with that sound. Once the news starts, he feels that the news reader is talking to him and tries to communicate with him through his blabbering sounds.

7. To out shout the neighboring kid. There is a kid who is 3yrs old right opposite to our house. He will be calling Sathvik from his house. To our shock Sathvik responds to that fellow in his own language. Apart from Sathvik nobody on the earth can make out what they talk.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Monday, July 27, 2015

RIP Dr. Kalam

Jai Guru Deva,

Never thought I will get back to blogging for this reason. Dr. Kalam who is one of the biggest motivators of my life had passed away. It is said that a man's death tells the life he has lived. He didnt undergo any pain, he didnt needed anybody to support him,  he didnt needed anybody to give medication, he just passed away in a blink of the eye. Lived like a legend passed away so smoothly. God bless him!

If I were to recall my association with Dr. Kalam, I had to go back to my engineering days when one of my senior informed me about him. Then I started reading about him and was very impressed. Then came the book "Wings of Fire", which made an ever lasting impression on my thought process. Frankly, till that point I believed earning money is called success. But after reading this book and understanding his thought process, I realized success actually mean hell of things ;-)

As a matter of fact, after knowing about him, after reading "Wings of Fire", I had set the Bharatha Ratna as my goal of life. Even today, my google profile pic is the photo of Bharatha Ratna medal(it was sent to me by a friend, God Bless her). However, now I realize that making a positive contribution to the society should be the ultimate purpose of our life. Any expectation of return is nothing but a disservice to the cause itself. Now, if I think of goals for my life the only thing that comes to my mind is to make a lasting positive contribution to the society that I am part of.

As he passed away, Dr. Kalam leaves a legacy of patriotism, commitment and devotion to the principles. He was always an Indian first and a muslim next, a very rare species found in India. He was committed to his duty like which inspired the whole nation. He was so principled that when the Americans shamelessly strip searched him, he didnt complain about it. That tells a lot about his principles. I was dumbfounded by that gesture. Take a bow Dr. Kalam! When a self proclaimed bollywood badshah faced similar situation he cried foul and created a big scene, probably to earn some sympathy from people.

As Gandalf says in LOTR, "Death is just another passage that everyone had to take". So be it! After all no bond is permanent, no living creature is eternal. Men live, men die but their legacy stands for generations.. Men like Dr. Kalam continue to inspire people for several generations to come. Feel proud that I lived in the age of Dr. Kalam!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


Monday, May 18, 2015


Jai Guru Deva,

I came to know that Gayathri's father passed away a couple of weeks back. May God keep his soul in his lap.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why I like LOTR???

Jai Guru Deva,

There are a lot of things that I like and I know why I like. some gives me the comfort I want, some which has the color of my choice etc etc. and then there are people. I like some people and dont like some. I dont reason out this phenomenon because I believe its all the bonding of karma. Every human I meet, and every human who leave me are all result of some karma which I cannot fathom. Few of my best friends hold extremely opposite views to me in several sociopolitical/personal things they stood by me in some fight or the other. Then there few of my great friends who made a fool out of me and labelled  me as junk. I cannot understand both these episodes, rather all my logical deduction failed to explain these two phenomenon. so be it!

Oops.. I think I'm not doing justice to the title, its about Peter Jackson's Magnum Opus LOTR. Though it is written by Tolkein I attribute it more to Peter Jackson than the writer. Whenever I see this movie I feel so engrossed and connected to a lot of characters. Though Aragorn is my favourite character of the whole series I feel bonded with a lot of others. When I think of why I'm liking some of the characters so much, I couldnt get an answer right away. It took me a lot of thinking to understand the invisible bond.

Primarily several characters in the movie take a very high ethical ground. This I feel is the reason why I like them so much. They stand by their fellowship through darker and harder times. In the battle of Helm's Deep when the army of Elves comes to Rohan there is an amazing dialogue "Our forefathers have fought together and died together; we came to honour the bond". The elves know that they may die but they didnt desert their friends. This noble behaviour is what differentiate ordinary mortals to great ones. In the pages of history, people are liked for their talent, loved for their beauty but respected for character!!

It is because of the character exhibited, that I feel so bonded with them. At the final war at mordar, Aragorn says "for Frodo" before jumping into the enemy lines. I think this is the exhibition of power. One of the biggest misconceptions of our time is thinking power as controlling somebody. In reality, power is giving someone the control to do things. Everybody around feel empowered with the presence of Aragorn and Gandalf. That is power. I envision my life to be that power which people would rely on. I think I have achieved that in personal and professional spheres but it would take me a lot more time to be that in my social zone of operation. Whenever I see my Guruji, I feel that he has achieved that level. Wherever is goes, people feel empowered. I think he is the only popular person to go to the war torn Iraq and meet the Yadzi community which is butchered by Islamic terrorists.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,