Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Favorite Songs -1

Jai Guru Deva,

This series of mine is about some of the songs that are in my youtube play list. Wanted to sit back and understand why I like each of them and what each of them mean to me. All these songs are lyric based songs and not the top of the voice screaming.

The song for this blog is "మౌనంగానే ఎదగమని" from "Naa Autograph" movie. 
The song is written by Chandrbose and Music is by M M Keeravani. More I listen this song my admiration for Chandrabose grew bigger. The context of this song is to motivate the hero and his friends not to lose hope and have the perseverance to achieve their goals in life. The song is a encapsulation of all the positive energy in this planet. No wonder a school for Divyangs in Hyderabad has this song as part of their daily prayer. Such a motivation!!

This song contains several analogies for self motivation from the nature, from society, from puranas and what not. Such a great alignment of words for instantly giving a positive view of things immaterial of the situation. In the middle of the song, a Divyang sings a line along with Bhoomika which takes it to a different level. When we had organized Hrudayaspandana program in Jeevani last year, I had an opportunity to closely work with Divyangs and believe me, every move of their is a source of inspiration. They are mostly independent of others only to show the world that miracles can happen every day. Bhoomika ofcourse a nice actress and this song manifests that one more time. She didnt over act and ensured that the sanctity of lyrics is maintained in er facial expressions.

Personally, I value anything that spreads positive energy. Each of our thoughts, positive or negative have a latent energy with them and the more you entertain that thought you have that kind of energy in you. So it becomes imperative to be positive for achieving any success. For people who are going through a rough phase of life it obviously becomes very very challenging to be positive and come out of that phase. All the great personalities of this planet have somehow or the other figured out a way to remain positive and stay focused on what they want.

Just wanted to conclude this post by saying a big thank you to Chandrbose garu. You are legend sir!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rendezvous with Rahasyam!!!

Jai Guru Deva,


A group called teluguflame had come up with a concept of Telugu subtitles to the popular serial "Rahasyam" which is in Tamil. For me, this is like an old friend visiting my house after few decades. Just cant help but watch the serial again and again. I am already downloading all the episodes with telugu subtitles into my personal hard drive. This will be another of my collection along with B.R.Chopra's Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi and Jaspal Bhatti's Flopshow.

Rahasyam, just a TV program for several others but not for me.It took sometime for me to understand what that damn serial means to me. It was an etv serial in 1996-97 time period and I was a big big fan of that serial. Several days I used to finish my home work and come back from tuition just to ensure I dont miss this serial. I distinctly remember once I had complained to my uncle working in electricity department not to have power cut at 8:30 PM on Wednesday because I have to watch Rahasyam at that time :) Its a practice in our house that we should have dinner at 8:30 PM together everyday. (We maintained that rule till I went to hostel in July 2005) During that time, one of things we were discussing was mostly about this serial. My sisters used to have unusual interest in Hindi movies and songs while I have absolutely no business with any non Telugu things (movies or songs or serials). This serial is a dubbed version from Tamil Sun TVs version of Marmadesam. Sometimes my sisters want to watch anything else in the Hindi channels but I was adamant as ever to out power them and watch Rahasyam. One classic incident about Rahasyam serial was on 21st May 1997 which was a wednesday. It was an India-Pakistan cricket match day and it was Rahasyam serial day. This is probably one of those very rare days when I refused to watch cricket and watch something else :) I watched cricket the days before my annually exams. I never had a heart of rock to forgo cricket whatever may the situation be!! 

The story of Rahasyam is a suspense thriller where weird incidents happens in a small village called "Siddara Patti". They called it "Yateendrapuram" in telugu. Whole story is about several mysterious deaths happening in the village mostly by dog bites and attempts by few people from village to understand the reason behind the murders. After half of the serial, the story moves to Madras currently Chennai and a mysterious truck keep killing people for unknown, unexplained reasons. For a mystery lover like me, this is a nothing short of treat. Its like a vegetarian visiting only veg restaurant. I applied all the logic that I know and tried to find who is the villain. Though I couldnt find the villain exactly it so turned out that I doubted the guy to be a potential villain.

Even in school there used to be a lot of discussion about this serial. It will not be over statement to say that people who belonged to me (atleast I believed so) came into my life through this serial. I had spent several lunch hours debating and discussing who is the villain and what is the reason behind several murders. I have very few sweet memories of my school life and this is definitely one of that. Though same people later on called me "junk" after several years of friendship (thats the best word I can find) I cant ignore their role in building up my character. I am, of course grateful for every second they spent with me and every phone call/sms they made to me. My respect to them remains the same though there cant be any friendship left. 

For now, I am enjoying this nostalgic rendezvous with Rahasyam and reminding myself the sweet little things happened in my life during that time.  I had already sent the link to my sisters and sometime all of us will see the serial together, just like in my childhood. Hope my son, nephews and nieces allow that!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Learnings from Mahabharth - 8: Virat Yudh

Jai Guru Deva,
This is the contunuation of the series that I had started last year.

Virat Yudh is the fight between Kaurav forces and Arjun who comes out of his secret life. As I had mentioned before Arjun and Grandsire Bhishma are my favourite characters of this great epic. Virat Yudh features these two mighty characters pitted against each other in a ferocious battle. However, what i particularly liked is the display of emotions during that battle. Arjun greets the Grandsire and Dronacharya with his arrows while Grandsire laments a lot as he has to face Arjun in the battlefield after 13 long years of exile and secret life.

Profound knowledge is shared in the conversation during the battle. My learning is that, if you are on the side of dharma nobody can stop you. Grandsire was worried to fight Arjun not because he is inferior to Arjun in warfare but Arjun is standing on the side of dharma. Howmuch ever Karna badmouths Arjun Grandsire would not relent to fight because he knew ethically Arjun have the upperhand and not Duryodhan. For this reason, when Kripacharya asks Duryodhan to apologize for his rude remarks, Grandsire says for how many mistakes shall he apologize?

Personally, I always believed that ethics are way superior to emotions because emotions change with time but not ethics. In my childhood, smoking and drinking are vices and taboo while today they are part of cultured and civilized life. Barring my Art of Living friends, the list of non drinkers and non smokers I met in Bangalore is very less. This doesn't take away the damage done by alcohol to our society nor it reduces the pain of people who are suffering. So the ethics that I was taught still remains the same while popular perception changed in a couple of decades.

On the other end, Arjun in his conversation with Uttara Kumar gives some marvelous insights about human conduct. I feel what he said is applicable even today. One thing that majorly caught my attention was his advice about servants. He requests Uttara Kumar never to insult servants and be decent to them. Also, Arjun asks Uttara Kumar to salute his own wounds and blood flowing. Sich a noble thought!!! Afterall, its our blood that keeps us alive.

Then Arjun goes on to say that because of their 13years of exile and secrecy world understood the danger of gambling and so its worth all the toil they had gone through. This should be a lesson for every human being. Because of my mentor Vijay Kumar sir, I realized the danger of gambling and never gambled in my life. I'm All India 51st ranker in a national level exam and achieved Einstein standards of memory in 2004, yet i never really understood the 52 card game. May be I dont have the divine permission to gamble.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Friday, July 22, 2016

Book Review: Aavarana

Jai Guru Deva,

This book was originally written by S.L. Bhairappa in Kannada and later translated to English by Sandeep balakrishna. I dont know why the book was named as Avarana and the author didn't bother to explain either. Its a historical novel covering a history of 2000 years. The main protagonist of the book is a woman named Lakshmi alias Razia who had converted to islam after falling in love with Amir.  The whole book is how her life changed  after she finds her father's notes about religion, civilization etc.

Two reasons why i was so interested in this book was it starts with hampi and krishna devraya dynasty and second i'm a right wing person and this book suits my political affilation. Major chunk of the book is dedicated to the hypocrisy of the Marxist brigade and their sinister methods to belittle Sanatana Dharma. However, what I am impressed is the research done behind this work to expose the different lies and half truths peddled into the Indian mainstream psyche. In this era of  presstitutes ruling the mainstream historical narrative the findings of the author were mind blowing. The author deserve nothing less than a Gnanapeeth award for the research went into every page of the book. Some of the historical facts that shocked me:
1. Things about the life of prophet mohammed 
2. Tyranny of mughal rule across different parts of the country.
3. In 1659, at Golconda fort 22000 hindu young men were turned into eunanchs to serve the mahalas of mughal concubines.
4. Destruction of Banaras temple and its explanation.

Given the level of Islamic imperialism in India this book would have created a huge controversy. Though the author crossed the lakshman rekha in his criticism towards other religions he had ensured the background justified the strong words. On the other hand the depiction of internal struggle in lakshmi was amazingly done. Particularly when she debates about the purpose of reading history the author proved that he is a master story teller and his intellectual acumen is probably the best around.
Then there was a character called Sastry the Marxist intellectual which is the personification of hypocrisy. This character reminded me of some people who met in my growing up days who used ideals as long as they suited their interests. No wonder Marxism is on tge deathbed now.

Now after reading such an engrossing book i cant help but read the other book of S.L. Bhairappa.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Jai Guru Deva,

For the last several weeks now, I am feeling a lot of void in my professional life. Not sure of the reason exactly but things are not going well for sure. Never went through so many escalations.. Just getting tired of explaining things to people, to management, to the rest of the world actually. Time to take some break and start working but break is something I dont have the luxury of taking a leave anytime in the near future. In 2013, I had worked all through the year without any personal leave. I think things are looking the same way this year also. I had changed my role little bit and landed up in some unknown zone. Its like going to a gun fight with a knife in hand. 

There are several technicalities related to backend servers its easy to decode some zen puzzle than predicting this. Everytime I am managing an escalation there will be a new reason for the issue. No reason comes twice :( I understand that management is all about handling difficult situations and difficult people but the rate of escalations is giving me a feel that I belong to customer care team of some gas agency than anything else. Given this scenario, the obvious questions is why not change the job..Unfortunately, there are not much of roles out there in the market which matches my pay expectations. Frankly, I am looking out for a job change and I am not able to find a suitable job.. may be another of my failure.

Overall, the first trimester of 2016 is a big failure with no learning and running from post to pillar to get things fixed. Definitely not a nice thing!

feeling frustrated.. This too shall pass!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sathvik's 2015

Jai Guru Deva,

Last couple of weeks had been so crazy that I couldnt finish my yearly review. I think with this one I will be completing yearly review for ten consecutive years. Thats something.. Sabash :))

The most happening thing in my life is Sathvik. He smiles for no reason screams for everything and anything. Runs around without any breaks and keep falling down time and again. To him, it doesnt matter whether something infront of him is a human or an object, he will just climb. Thats Sathvik Indrakanti!!

Early 2015, I had thought a lot for selecting the name for Sathvik. Apart from Sathvik, I was thinking of Saketh, Kaustubh and even Shashank. But when I was listening to the sacred chantings of Lord Shiva, one of them is Sathvik and I had immediately finalized this. I really wanted to name him as Shankar after my Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji but either the letter was not matching, or name was not suiting or some other thing was happening. On a professional side, first half of 2015 was crazy because of several escalations regarding the forecasting process that I own. Actually these started in second half of 2014 and continued till April 2015. I was working even in the week when Sathvik was born. No respite what so ever!!

Once Sathvik and Sowmya came to Bangalore, its case of pan to fire :))  had to manage a lot of more things now than before. But one resolution that I took is to spend atleast two hours of quality time with Sathvik and I think I had stick to that for about 80% of the year, which is a decent start. I had started declining meeting invites if its not suiting me. Not sure I ever did this before in my career. However, the other side of the coin is that I am doing a lot projects/activities that are directly impacting the business. Something that I work on is shared in the all employee meeting on a quarterly basis.

On the spiritual dimension I had done my blessing course for which I was waiting for a long time. For several years, the thought of me blessing someone sounded ridiculous and silly to me. Part of the reason is that I am the youngest in my family and I always got blessing but never gave :)) However, I understood that its not me who is blessing but the holy Guru parampara. I'm just a medium nothing more than that. When you take medicine in a spoon to cure your ailment, you praise the medicine not the spoon. Same way, when I bless some one its actually the divine grace, its actually Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji not me.

In the second half of the year most of my time has gone in my preparations for going abroad. Till now they had not given any positive result which is very frustrating. The reason I'm so keen now is because once Sathvik grows up we will have to think of his education and there will be several dependencies. So its a case of now or never. However, like several things in my life I leave this one also to the almighty. If I'm not able to go abroad despite my efforts may be there is some divine motive for me to stay back. I respect that!!!

I had done my advance course in August which is very soothing. In the middle of the course I had tears of gratitude for the joy I had experienced. Its something like meeting your best pal after a long time and laughing at all the silly things you did together. Thats silence for me. I was with me looking at me, observing me, analyzing me and experiencing the ultimate bliss.

On the professional side, I had become a far better project manager than before. Particularly while dealing with people. I never had issues when I am working on something all by myself. But often I faced issues when driving others to work. I think I had improved significantly in this area in the second half of this year. Still a long way to go!

Two of my close friends, Sameer and Prabha got married this year. My best wishes to them. And on 1st Nov 2015 we had celebrated first birthday of Sathvik.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why Am I suffering?

Jai Guru Deva,

This is more of my personal rant than anything else.. wanted to write this for a couple of days but did not had the mood and strength to write..

For the last week, things are crazy at my place.. Sathvik is completely down with fever, my mom is diagnosed with typhoid and as usual my office work is taking toll on me. All in all, a very challenging week. (Its like doing a DSN course on a daily basis.) The deadly combination of all these things could not take away my smile from me. I am still able to leave my home at home and office at office. That is the way I want to live and I will live!

However, since yesterday Sathvik's fever had rejuvenated and recurring every 6-7hours. Doctor told us that its the second phase of viral fever and might last for a couple of days. This was something I had found very tough to handle. He had become very passive and not even playing his favorite hide and seek. Adding to this, all thoughts some xyz kids suffering from some unknown diseases are crossing my mind. As I mentioned several times before, my mind is something that scares me more than the rest of the world. :( Time and again, I am meditating to overcome these negative thoughts. And believe me its very easy said than done! Looking him like this is perhaps the worst punishment I can imagine. On the other side, rest of my family is very worried about my mother as she is also not able to gain any strength and continuously down with fever.  My office work permit, tomorrow I will go to kadapa and bring my parents to Bangalore. 

Amidst all these things, sowmya as well as my sisters are very worried and that is also adding pressure on me. Every few hours i get a phone call about something which requires my immediate action. To me such hasty actions will only boomerang. It could be changing the doctor, or changing the medicines or changing the city itself. So many decisions without liitle patience will only lead to chaos but people around me doesnt seem to understand this.. so be it!

I had held myself sober and strong despite all the above said things. This afternoon, there were some labourer's kids who came to my house. They seems to have lost their livelihood and were planning to move out to some other locality as construction in our street is over. When Sowmya gave them something to eat they just jumped and grabbed it even its in her hand. They were hardly 4-5 years and they were too naive or too hungry.. That sight is breaching of my endurance limit. I literally had tears rolling out of my eyes. They told us they didnt eat anything since morning but their eagerness to grab the food is still afresh and its haunting me. Haunting is perhaps an understatement. I wish I would cry for some more time so as to feel better.. but I couldnt! because may be I dont even deserve to cry. I am not doing any seva these days. My contribution to Jeevani has also reduced. May be I became too selfish :(

Feeling very disturbed and guilty, I pray Guruji give me some strength to contribute little more to this society I am part of.. 

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,