Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Orkut Testimonials!!

Jai Guru Deva,

wanted to use this post to preserve the testimonials i got in orkut. Feeling nostalgic with the good old days! thanks everyone for your kind words.. I am blessed to ahve friends like you!

Ashok Kumar Burra Sep 28, 2006
One of the best individuals i ever met in my life. We can find in him, all the good characters which one can expect in anyone. An inspiration for me too, in some areas.

Abhineet Mishra Sep 3, 2006
Its has only been a year to know karthik, but this is more than enough for a gem to be esteemed* To put in one line "simply pure at heart" * Both intelligent & industrious at the same time* The way he moulded himself into hostel culture is terrific* Though he calls me H***** all the times, I know he never means it* Extremely helpful by nature* Very Down to earth, a rare quality found now a days* Wishing best of luck for his bright career*

Jun 22, 2006
Cant describe in few words..... All the good qualities one can expect in a man. Selfless, positive and ........

Krishna Mohan Gurajada Apr 24, 2006
The person who studies for 22 hours a day and sleeps for 2 hrs..just because he shd not sleep in the next day's class..real hardworking and intelligent guy
Sarvejana Sukhninobhavantu

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jai Ho Israel!

Jai Guru Deva!

I hereby extend my whole hearted support to Israel which is once again fighting a battle of its survival.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hope for the best..

Jai Guru Deva!

I request everybody to pray for those 24 students who went missing at a river in Himachal.. What a tragedy! 24 engineering students getting washed away.. unthinkable pain to parents and family.. nothing on this planet can console the parents. very very painful!

Not just this, yesterday evening seems to be very bad. This students missing in Himachal, Terrorist attack on Karachi Airport and I had just heard some other news on a personal front..

May God bless all!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Six years to Doom's day!!!

Jai Guru Deva!

It has been six years since the most unthinkable of my life happened.  I call it doomsday because it's the only time of my life I thought of burying myself in the graveyard which was my neighbor then. Its perhaps the most painful moment of my life but I don't have any regrets as to the way I behaved. As I said before I would behave the same way as I did before. For me, my principles stand way higher than anything else in my life. Because thats the only thing I had received from my parents. the moment I move away from my principles I am more dead than alive.

This episode of my life was the darkest period so far. But as a person I learnt enormous amount.  Now if I see people playing with others I don't feel disturbed because everyone has a right to live the way they please. If others gave an option for them to play with its their fault too. After all nobody promised a fair treatment on this good earth. Also what I learnt is to become emotionally independent. Several people made a fool out of me after 2008 but they miserably failed to hurt me because I crossed the barriers of pain and suffering.  I just chose to be insulated, so be it!

I might sound repeatedly accusatory but don't hold any anget against anyone alive or dead. Since I sta rted doing my spiritual practices I gradually understood thr fact that if not them someone else would have done that to me. Perhaps God wants me to go through the furnace and come out stronger. Also,  that episode gave someone as great as Shushmakka to me. As I said before she is the strongest lady I ever saw and till date stands as an inspiration to me. How can I forget the time had spent during those days of despair and self doubt. For several carnations of mine, I would remain indebted to my sis!

let me finish this blog with a saying from Guruji, "physical psin is inevitable mental pain of is optional,  emotional pain is unnecessary".

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vancouver Visit - Prelogue

Jai Guru Deva,

Little more than a month ago that I came to know that someone thinks my contribution is needed for a high visibility and critical project. However, I am not sure how they know about me. Apparently somebody pictured me as an incarnation of Hercules. I had readily accepted the offer to work in that project because that would get me out of my comfort zone. This is not the domain that I ever worked and that means a lot of opportunity to get the hands dirty and learn business first hand. I seldom let such things unattended. With that I ended up in this high critical project and started attending the weekly working sessions. Soon I found that there is an opportunity to travel and my travel got approval before I prepared to travel. The place of visit is Vancouver in the state of Washington. As always I'm not very interested to travel, my experience tells me that these kind of short term trips doesnt give the ROI it should give. Because there are non work things like jet lag, food, stay, family etc. It will take a while by the time people are fully ready to contribute and by then the date of return journey would have come :)) Still I wanted to travel because it means significant amount of money which I cant forego. The only reason I do an international travel is because my company sponsors it and it is financially beneficial to me. Period!

This is much smoother than my first visit because I already have my Visa to US and all I need is the two week gap to book my tickets. Perhaps to make my life more eventful, I had loads of work in the days leading upto this travel and had to clear a lot of things. Then, there was a journey that I had planned to my family God's temple. Which effectively means that I dont have time to relax myself. Every weekend is blocked for something or the other. I ran out of books and didnt get a chance to browse the new books and order few. what a pity! Right now I am desperately looking for something in life and that is relaxation; both physiological and psychological. I was so tired that I didnt check my luggage fully, just asked my wife to pack whatever she pleases.All said and done, I boarded the plane to Dubai and from there started my odyssey for next 33hours. as I write this my back is still paining  and I am sleeping and eating at unconventional hours. It is 5AM here and I am feeling terribly hungry. Perhaps, it will be a while before my biological clock gets adjusted to the new time zone. 

I have read strange things in books but stranger things have happened in my life. I was calmly roaming around in the Dubai airport and window shopping some of the clothes there when suddenly some one called me in Telugu. It was an elderly woman who had lost her way to the terminal that she needs to go. Seems she had come along with her neighbors hoping that she can follow them to the terminals and reach SFO along with them. Strange thing is that the neighbors got down of the Dubai plane and didnt bother to wait for her. Stranger thing is that she had found me and immediately identified I am from Andhra Pradesh!! This is not the first time some one talks with me Telugu the moment they see my face. I remember once I asked some address in Hindi to the other person in Bangalore and he responded to me in Telugu. I was wearing a helmet then. Perhaps, it is written on my face that I hail from AP :))

The journey from Dubai to Seattle is equally eventful. The cabin crew gave me a pizza and I started reading the contents and she said "Its purely vegetarian" as if she is slapping on my face :)) I have the habit of reading the contents before I eat anything. Being a strict advocate of vegetarianism I think i should do that more than often. There is another interesting thing. I was asleep for few hours in the journey of 15hrs and when I woke up i realized my plane was near to Russia.For a moment I thought, "Did I get on to the correct plane?" but it seems I did. The fact is for some reason the Emirates planes from Dubai goes towards North Russia, Greenland, Alaska and Canada before reaching Seattle/SFO. I'm not sure about the reason.

Completing the long journey I had landed in Seattle and thats really beautiful. I am very much impressed with that city. Half of the city seems to be in ocean and the airport is even good. I would say Seattle airport is better than SFO's. I liked a lot of things about this airport but the best of them is to having a train to go from one part of the airport to other. I was a little confused if I am going out of the airport. But thankfully I went to the other terminal where I had to take my connecting plane to Portland. The only thing that irritated me is th waiting time for immigration. Had to stand in queue for more than 2hrs to get that cleared. The journey for Portland from Seattle is 35mins and I had spent 7hrs in transit. Its bad weather no bad time perhaps! 

....More to Follow!!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weird World!!

Jai Guru Deva,

Today for some unknown reason I'm remembering certain things which are so hard to believe. Perhaps it is for this reason people say reality is more dramatic than fiction. Below are some of the things:

1. Alexander the Great died because of mosquito bite. Great Alexander who killed several lakhs of humans died because of a tiny mosquito.. Hard to believe, may be God chose mosquito as other humans could not do anything to the tyrrant.
2. Great Chengiz Khan died by falling from a horse. Ironically, he is riding horses even when he was a kid.
3. Sanjay Gandhi's plane crash: One of the most controversial accidents in the history of Independent India. Sanjay Gandhi who was the PM in waiting at that time met an untimely death just after taking off from Delhi's Sarfdur Jung Airport. At the time of his death he is THE most Powerful man in the country and all the opposition was criticizing him as an unconstitutional force.
4. Don Bradman's last duck: Sir Donald Bradman arguably the best batsmen ever was out for a duck in his final test innings. In his career he had amassed as many as 6200 runs at a whopping average of 99.96. Had he made four runs in that match his average would have touched 100.
5. Brian Lara's last runout: what an irony! the last king of Caribbean who made more than 10000 runs failed to complete his last run.
6. NTR defeated by a novice: Legendary Telugu Hero and perhaps the most popular CM of Andhra Pradesh lost the 1989 election from Hindupur to a novice. The person who won against him was so insignificant that I didnt even know his name.
7. PIA going bankrupt: Pakistan International Airlines which was one of the best during 1970s and early 80s went bankrupt. Lets not forget that it was PIA staff who trained Fly Emirates when the latter was started by the Dubai based Sheiks. Some feels that Zia-ul-Haq's Islamization of PIA is the biggest reasons behind its downfall. The strange part is Fly Emirates which is bank rolled by orthodox Dubai Sheiks provides Alcohol to its passengers.
8. Srirangam Srinivasa Rao, popular telugu writer who claims to be an iconoclast and a communist did upanayanam to his son. Upanayanam is the cermony of bestowing a brahmin kid with the sacred thread. One wonders how such an iconoclast did this.
9. Narendra Modi who was a very very insignificant man 15year before is perhaps the strongest contender for the post of Indian PM. I still remember vividly that Modi was doing the planning for the travel of people like Advani, Vajpayee, Sushma Swaraj etc during the 1998 elections.
10. Red Indians in America: I always wondered how the aboriginal race in America is called Red Indians instead of Red Americans.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Jai Guru Deva,

If at all I have to sum up 2013 "Hectic" is the word that suits most.. deadlines in hours, meetings during the middle of the night and whats more some problem in the colony i live..

the starting of the year was quite sedate. However, my work load increased by 100% in the months of Feb-Mar. Some one within my partner's org was fired and I had to support all the work and the transition time was only 8 working days.. thats the starting point of the hectic work that i did. For the next 4-5months I did two people's work. And during this period, i worked more than10hrs almost everyday. I should confess that never in my professional life I worked so much. But this is not all, the worst part of this whole thing is I had to work even when I met an accident in May.

In the mean time I visited Jeevani along some of the bloggers and as usual it was a real experience. We did spend two days there and were very happy to gather and spend some quality time with the children. Now the children in Jeevani are also recognizing us and there is a good rapport between us. Sarada garu  and Anand joined us in Jeevani and seemlessly became part of our "junta". We pestered Sarada so much that started her own blog :))

Come May, I had an accident on the highway. By sheer grace of My Guru and with love of my well wishers I escaped without any fractures. People who witnessed me when I fell down were very sure that I would have broken some half a dozen bones. I had taken complete rest for almost two months, didnt do kriya also during this period which resulted in a protruding tummy :)) However, what leaves me sad was the amount of work my wife had to do during this period. I could not even get the vegetables for the house :((

May and June passed like this and June ending I went to US which is my first travel abroad. I visited Boise first and that was a very very nice and sedate place. If at all I ever get retired, I wish to remain in such a serene place. I just loved it! To everybody's surprise the time i visited Boise recorded maximum temperatures in the last 100 years. People said it was me who got that climate change and replied saying I carried some of the heat from Kadapa to Boise. After all, there are only three places on this planet which were left red hot post big bang: The Sun, Sahara desert and Kadapa :)) The peculiar thing about my Boise visit is that i had gone to the Governor's palace of Idaho and took a pic near the Abraham Lincoln's statue present near to that. That statue is the tallest Lincoln's statue west of Mississippi.

Apart from Boise, I visited Bay Area near SFO that was also good trip. I visited some of my wife's relatives who were settled there and also a God brother of mine. Also, I have met my co blogger Manchu garu once again. It was so nice to have met him. But the best of this is visiting the HP Garage. I was so happy to have taken photograph there because thats where all the software industry had started. I earn my bread and butter using computers and visiting a place where it all had started is kind of a pilgrimage.

Once I'm back from US, I am more active in the problems of colony. The burning one being the drainage issue. I came to know how painful it is to get work done by the government. A will say go to B, B will say D and D will say its not Government's responsibility :)) We were promised that our drainage problem will be resolved within 3months and even after six months we are at the same point. :((

In the month of August, I had the opportunity to visit Rajkumar's marriage in East Godavari district and that was real fun. There were more than 30 bloggers who had come and it was a family celebration for each of us. We all had an amazing time. Seeing so many of us from different backgrounds, different age groups, different regions, I'm sure Mrs. Rajkumar was scared. :)) Despite the fact that there were so many of us we still felt the void of Shankar garu. We all badly missed him.. :(( 
Anyway, I think it would be pertinent to list some of the best comedies of Raj's wedding:

1. Laurel and Hardy like combination of Banthi and Rahman.
2. Cobbler thinking Seenanna belongs to Department.
3. People playing cards as if they have gathered for that purpose.
4. Nagarjuna not very sure to whose home we went after going to Lalitha gari house.
5. My wife's anger on people in the compartment and shouting at them.

Apart from all these comedies, we had the privilege to visit some of the most talented crafts men of Etikoppaka village. Had they born in any other country they would have got all possible recognition on this planet. Alas, They fall into the category of artists who are ignored and admonished by this karma bhumi.

On the professional side, I am honoured to lead a team and I am enjoying the challenges that are associated with it. I feel fortunate that I am leading a team in HP as it has one of the best work cultures around. I am pretty sure I wouldnt have enjoyed had I been working in an Indian company. Now, I'm more keen to build my team as a successful team rather than just "another team". All through my life I lived by a rule and the rule is very simple: There may be a million reasons why I should fail but my lack of effort should not be one among them. Play the game called life all out, no half measures.

In the last part of the year I went to Hyderabad to visit my wife's relatives but could not get a chance to buy the books I wanted to buy. Now I'm seriously short of books to read. Perhaps, this is the first year after 2007 that I had not visited either Bangalore Book Fest nor Hyd Book Fest. There are two main reasons for this: I am having partner meetings almost everyday and I stay in E-city which is very far from Parade Grounds where the book festival happens. 

The final 15 days of the year was perhaps the most I cherish, I went to Srisailam along with my parents and in laws. After I had complete rest at my home in Kadapa. This is the first time since 2005 that I stayed for 15 days in my home. Thats a big relief that I needed before going into another action packed year of my life. When I am all set to leave this planet, there will be definitely one thing that I will be proud of, I lived a life that is so lively and eventful that there is no time of my life that is wasted. 

Looking ahead for a big year in 2014.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,