Favorite Song - 3

Jai Guru Deva,

Today I'm writing about the song "Nee Prasnalu" from the movie Kotta Bangaru Lokam. It is one of the songs which makes me nostalgic because of the lyrics. There is a very profound philosophy in the lyrics which emphasizes on being self reliant. I am a big admirer of this theory that every individual should be self reliant in certain matters. After all, every body is answerable only to their karma and nothing else. I learnt this concept of self reliance the hard way. There was a time in my life, 2009 to be precise, I had lived all alone without a computer or TV or any room mate. I hardly went to my native during then. Frankly, I had learnt a lot during those three long months. I went to read so many things, understood and realized so many things that made me a far stronger individual to control several things of my life. Incidentally, after this time Shushmakka forced me to join the Art of Living family and life changed for ever. 

Coming back to the song, Seetarama Sastry garu asks a lot of questions about life in the first charanam. 

అలలుండని కడలేదని అడిగేందుకు తెలివుందా 

కలలుండని కనులేవని నిత్యం నిదరోమందా 

గత ముందని గమనించని నడిరేయికి రేపుందా 

గతి తోచని గమనానికి గమ్యం అంటూ ఉందా 

వలపేదో వలవేస్తుంది వయసేమో అటు తోస్తుంది 

గెలుపంటే ఏదో ఇంతవరకు వివరించే ఋజువేముంది 

సుడిలో పడు ప్రతి నావా చెబుతున్నది వినలేదా 

the comparison of aimless journey to teenage was too good and questioning what is the meaning of the word victory is again thought provoking. Several times this is what I wondered, why does it matter what you achieved if you are anyway turning into pot of ash after sometime. (on the other side of the coin Swami Vivekananda asks "If death is so certain, why not die for a good cause") For me, life is all about being in the present. Whatever I am doing I want to do 100%. I may be doing office work or I may be playing with Sathvik I want to do it 100%.  If I'm crying I want to cry 100%, no half measures.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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