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worst cup-2007 contd

All my worst dreams came true, Bob Woolmer murdered by strangulation. after the massacre of Israeli athletes in an Olympics this stands as a rare incident where crime over run a sporting event. though the hasty deed of Hezbulla personnel has some national feeling where as assault of Woolmer dont have any such. the demands of Allan Donald to suspend the world cup is very much justified. how can country s' boards ask players to play cricket keeping their lives at stake? Cricket's apex body is very eager to quarrel with BCCI or any other board for the issues relating to the sponsorship rights where as it is reluctant to respond in the death of protean expert. this shows how concerned the governing bodies are!!
apart from Woolmer's death another significant feature of this world cup is its huge and impeccable implications on the Indian subcontinent. all the fans got disappointed which resulted in burning effigies, mourning for the so called death of nation's cricke…

worst cup-2007

an hour ago i was sleeping in my room when sam came and remarked that i missed something, he listed what all i missed like the heroics of Sehwag, destroying performance from Sachin, responsible and sensible innings from dada and Dhoni's dhamaka overall an onslaught of Bermudan bowlers by Indian lions, tigers, dogs etc(only beasts). the bottom line is that we are very happy for the performance of our players against minnows like Bermuda(both in cricket sense nd population as well). dts the plight of Indian cricket!!! we are comparing our 75 years of glorious cricket with the one which started playing a couple of years back and which hardly have any professional players. many ppl rather most ppl in that team are amateurs. we couldnt win a match over a team like Bangladesh never mind its minnow tag. its the attitude dts the problem. whene ever there are trying conditions play straight bat this is one of the basic lines in any cricketing book. none in Indian team remembered this al…