worst cup-2007

an hour ago i was sleeping in my room when sam came and remarked that i missed something, he listed what all i missed like the heroics of Sehwag, destroying performance from Sachin, responsible and sensible innings from dada and Dhoni's dhamaka overall an onslaught of Bermudan bowlers by Indian lions, tigers, dogs etc(only beasts). the bottom line is that we are very happy for the performance of our players against minnows like Bermuda(both in cricket sense nd population as well). dts the plight of Indian cricket!!! we are comparing our 75 years of glorious cricket with the one which started playing a couple of years back and which hardly have any professional players. many ppl rather most ppl in that team are amateurs. we couldnt win a match over a team like Bangladesh never mind its minnow tag. its the attitude dts the problem. whene ever there are trying conditions play straight bat this is one of the basic lines in any cricketing book. none in Indian team remembered this all ppl r trying to get out as early as possible as if their wife is a pregnant and nearing the date of delivery. Losing of Indian players or teams is no new thing 100 crores of population is not gud enough to produce one Olympic gold medalist. this is a hard and cruel fact which we have to bear. politicization of sports and games stands as an answer for that. if that is so why we give special attention to cricket because long back itself it has crossed the level of a sport it reached the level of a religion rather.
the honor it receives in this part of the world and the market value it has are the two important factors for this adulation. as my buddy said once 'u 'll watch it with admiration and one fine day u'll find that the match has been fixed long back' this is a different side of the coin which left worst possible memories to the cricketing arena. even after that we could easily move ourselves to the TV sets for the match. the hype presently reached certain stage that so called fans are attacking the houses and family members of the players. all these ppl questions the commitment of players towards the game. how far these ppl are committed towards their own profession? if they are so committed how can they get the time and resource to respond to these trifles?
Death of Woolmer is another unanswered question(atleast till now). a real master strategist who brought newer techniques to the game but has become controversial for his methods but the remarkable fact is that he has the courage to try new things. after all one who does new and diff things are the target of all the limp who cant welcome innovation. I have no intention of hiding my doubts regd his death. so i dedicate this update to Bob woolmer and request all the fans once again to concentrate on their own profession. plz try to come out of this vice, it certainly sucks your life. as a victim of watchin nd playing cricket. it took me several years to come out of this yalk. so try to prioritize ur deeds properly and go ahead. all the very best!!!


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