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Genesis of Taboo Secularism!!!

Jai Guru Deva!
Among several myths that were busted by Indian Elections of 2014, there is a tacit message to the politicians: "We ARE middle class; we PAY taxes for the common good of this country but not safeguarding secularism or any other ism that sound politically romantic; you better meet our expectations or GET LOST!" This message is clear and unequivocal. This blog post is a postmortem analysis of why and how secularism as a political argument failed to attract the masses and why today secularism is treated as unpatriotic, anti-national and synonymous to minority appeasement. As a close observer of Indian politics I am trying to chronicle ten instances which enhanced secularism as taboo. Years passed since some of these incidents yet I allude to them as they had successfully created a negative psyche about secularism among the Indian masses.
1. Manmohan singh's Minorities first comment: As the prime minister of world's largest democracy Manmohan Singh was exp…

oh God!

Jai Guru Deva,
I had come home today after meeting some of my juniors from college and was upbeat as i was sharing a lot of nostalgia. But as i switched on TV i found the news of a father killing his own children in hyderabad and I started shivering. None of the victims are any relatives of mine and I am hearing their names for the first time in my life. But still the news sent waves of fear across my spine. For some reason I cant comprehend, I am feeling very vulnerable to any act of violence. I distantly remember when some Israel soldiers killed a Palestine child by mistake (this was in 2002), I had no sympathy for the victim. I just convinced myself "Result of Islamic Terrorism". Though my political inclinations didnt change with time, I am feeling more vulnerable to any sort of violence. I cant pinpoint the reason for this but this is very annoying. One thing I always want is a smile on my face. As I mentioned many times earlier, my life is not a pursuit of happiness bu…

My blabbering about feminism, polygamy et al

Jai Guru Deva
i had observed a couple of really good articles about polygamy in DAWN. These articles are written by Rafia Zakaria a pakistan based woman journalist. People say her opinions are feminist in nature. I personally dont endorse any ism, be it communism, feminism, my footism etc. But this two articles are an eye opener regarding a cruel practice that is a gross injustice to the woman folk. I am firm believer that the system of marriage is the first line of defence for a woman's rights and security. The moment this system collapses, I am afraid woman will become nothing more than sex dolls.

My aversion to feminists and feminism was driven by the reason that all self proclaimed feminists that I had seen had lacked basic ethics to call themselves feminists. Many of them remembered that they are woman only when they are in trouble. As long as they are s…