My blabbering about feminism, polygamy et al

Jai Guru Deva

i had observed a couple of really good articles about polygamy in DAWN. These articles are written by Rafia Zakaria a pakistan based woman journalist. People say her opinions are feminist in nature. I personally dont endorse any ism, be it communism, feminism, my footism etc. But this two articles are an eye opener regarding a cruel practice that is a gross injustice to the woman folk. I am firm believer that the system of marriage is the first line of defence for a woman's rights and security. The moment this system collapses, I am afraid woman will become nothing more than sex dolls.

My aversion to feminists and feminism was driven by the reason that all self proclaimed feminists that I had seen had lacked basic ethics to call themselves feminists. Many of them remembered that they are woman only when they are in trouble. As long as they are succeeding, they are attacking people its all their skill and merit. When someone challenges them or puts them in a spot, it suddenly dawns to them that they are woman and thats the reason they are attacked. what a joke!

And there are male feminists, I am better off not  talking about them. Most male feminists take the feminist stand just to get physically near to woman. I had seen several people who neither have the courage to make an own opinion about any issue nor they have an idea about the long term impact of a particular stance that they are taking. These halfwits just endorse whatever the woman they want say. I am not saying only feminists do such things, there are people from other schools of thought who resort such dirty tricks. In my online life of almost six years, i had seen people from different schools of thought trying to get near to woman on different pretexts. Some have the veil of feminism, some use vedas, upanishads et al to cover their lust and some use words like free thinking, liberal thinking etc to justify their lecherous traits.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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