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A Tribute

the letter i posted above was written by Capt. Vijay Thapar before going for his last battle in tololing. he was 22 when he wrote that. without my knowledge i have tears in my eyes when i read this. and i want to keep here few thoughts of mine for him:my sweetest brother,
you are eternal. if at all i get another life i would be proud to be born as a sand particle in the way you walk. your care towards Ruksana states how magnanimous your heart is. may the little kid is blessed with His grace. its eight years since you left us. but this country and its citizens are always indebted to you. your last words "LIVE LIFE KING SIZE" made me realise how a king would look like. my brother, you are the king. a king is not made by birth but by deeds. on this holy day i take pledge that for the rest of my life i will take part in activities for the welfare of my country with my heart and soul. i will keep my best efforts to ensure your sacrifice has not gone waste.May the almighty keep…

UPA won, India lost!!

Abraham Lincoln's Democracy:
for the people
by the people
of the people

Definition in world's largest Democratic country:
far the people
buy the people
off the people

this is India for you. anything can happen in India and anything can happen only in ndia. y'day the 22nd of july 2008 stands as the darkest day of indian democratic history. almost an year ago i had a discussion with Prof. Zeleny who opined that democracy is not suitable in India and he also claimed that it is because of democracy India is not developing as fast as china. my only answer for his claim is 'if you ask me to take one among freedom of speech and development, i would not hesitate a moment to opt for the former' given the diversity of India anything other than democracy would be a disaster. we are different from each other in terms of the God we worship, the color we have, our food habits, languages, cultures, traditions and what not! we r different to each other all across the aisles and channels …