UPA won, India lost!!

Abraham Lincoln's Democracy:
for the people
by the people
of the people

Definition in world's largest Democratic country:
far the people
buy the people
off the people

this is India for you. anything can happen in India and anything can happen only in ndia. y'day the 22nd of july 2008 stands as the darkest day of indian democratic history. almost an year ago i had a discussion with Prof. Zeleny who opined that democracy is not suitable in India and he also claimed that it is because of democracy India is not developing as fast as china. my only answer for his claim is 'if you ask me to take one among freedom of speech and development, i would not hesitate a moment to opt for the former' given the diversity of India anything other than democracy would be a disaster. we are different from each other in terms of the God we worship, the color we have, our food habits, languages, cultures, traditions and what not! we r different to each other all across the aisles and channels of the country.

now coming to present point UPA winning the trust vote. a lot happened for the last two weeks many opinions passed through the media, many clarifications, and much more criticisms. but what happened y'day is the worst of all! the members of the parliament, so called decision makers of the country behaved in a pathetic way by beholding a co member who they thought would vote against them. and a group claimed that other group tried to bribe them with Rs 3 crores and they brought the money straight into the parliament house. of course in this country horse trading is as common as eating food three times a day.

despite all the high drama, all the criticism the government won the trust vote. the point government is making is that nuke deal is mandatory so as to meet our energy demands in the coming decades. and we get high tech technology for our nuclear program. Had Dr. Homie Bhabah alive he would definitely committed suicide listening this. because he is one of the pioneers of making the Indian nuclear program as completely indigenous. the present day leaders cant understand how much he believed in the power and mettle of the INDIAN race. it was he who added a significant value to the making of his majesty Dr. KALAM. and here we r today making an agreement to get new technology. where was the american technology when we perfomed shakti-1 way back in 1974? can any one forget how america influenced Mikhail Gorbachev to prevent India from obtaining Admiral Gorshkov? none in the country is against good relations with america (after all we want good relations with pakistan!!!) but at the same time we need not kneel down to get that.
so i would conclude "UPA won, INDIA lost"

* with this i'm taking a stand that i should not premeditate on writing anything in my blog. a month and half ago i had half written about my convocation which i have to erase because of some nasty circumstances. now i thought of writing about my one year of work life and ended up with this. then i was not feeling well(mentally) now my country is not feeling well :(


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