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Weird World!!

Jai Guru Deva,
Today for some unknown reason I'm remembering certain things which are so hard to believe. Perhaps it is for this reason people say reality is more dramatic than fiction. Below are some of the things:
1. Alexander the Great died because of mosquito bite. Great Alexander who killed several lakhs of humans died because of a tiny mosquito.. Hard to believe, may be God chose mosquito as other humans could not do anything to the tyrrant. 2. Great Chengiz Khan died by falling from a horse. Ironically, he is riding horses even when he was a kid. 3. Sanjay Gandhi's plane crash: One of the most controversial accidents in the history of Independent India. Sanjay Gandhi who was the PM in waiting at that time met an untimely death just after taking off from Delhi's Sarfdur Jung Airport. At the time of his death he is THE most Powerful man in the country and all the opposition was criticizing him as an unconstitutional force. 4. Don Bradman's last duck: Sir Donald B…