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I Talked with a Mother!!

Today at 17:41hrs I called on Adilakshmi garu.. It is the first time that I called her since the double jolts rocked her life.. To my surprise, she recognized me when I told her that I'm  karthik and I'm a blogger..

Here is a mother whose dreams called daughter were smashed by the "developing" society and whose support called husband turned into a pot of ash.. All in all, cruel destiny robbed two of her priced possessions within a span of two months.. Even after all these things she asks me "How am I doing?", Take a bow mother!!!

When I mumbled her the same question she responded "I was doing very good before six months and you know after that, now I'm in this orphanage" Five minutes into the discussion she started crying and ten minutes later my eyes were shedding tears.. I'm sure about the reason of her tears but dont know why I was crying.. Nonetheless, I continued telling her that she has a lot of admirers like me and she should reg…

I'm busy because .....................

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen! As always, my life is eventful as ever; Anyways let me announce the big news of this year:
With the eternal grace of the God and the infinite affection of my well wishers I'm entering into the next stage of my life.. from being nurtured to have to nurture.. from person to family.. from boy to man..
I'm sure the journey is scheduled to go through many of those unknown shores with only one life line called "faith". There are many definitions for this word "faith" but my favorite one is " He knows what is right!!".. I had/have faith in Him and He is taking care of everything.. 
Its dramatic yet so subtle; Its emotional yet so relaxed; Its exciting yet so tranquil;
b/n I successfully crossed almost 4.5 years of bachelor life and thats WOW.. I'm feeling so happy about my life and want to thank everybody for contributing so much to me.. I'm happy because I made most of my life in these years.. I have under went every p…

What can hatred do???

Just now i went through this aticle in dawn and was horrified.. its time human beings learn some lessons out of this numbers. Hatred, b.n countries or b/n religions starts at the individual level.. unfortunately certain communities and individuals who claim to be religious breeds that and the result is what you see now.. starting from Palestine to Kashmir, failure to win over hatred is the root cause of all this!!Because of these individuals who want to prove their superiority over others all of the comunities have to bear the brunt.. A religion as simple as Islam is perceived as a menace, because at a community level Islam was projected as intolerant faith.. thanks to Arab world who successfully attributed that brand to the religion. I personally feel that Islam is the most politicized religion on this planet.. and as expected hatred is the part and parcel of politics.. God Save this planet!!!
list of religious violence in pakistan.

12 members of a Shia family were killed durin…

Here Comes Phoenixs' Nest!!!

With  the eternal grace of the God and the infinite love of my well wishers I had bought an apartment in Electronic City, Bangalore. On Saturday the 6th of Aug, 2011 I had finished the registration formalities as well. This happens to be the first property that I bought for myself. Though I am a staunch believer of the concept "Everything belongs to me and Nothing is permanent", I am very pleased with this development because my parents were very happy.. My father called up few of his college friends and told them that next time they visit Bangalore they can come to our place. Making parents happy is a major motivating factor of my life. And many times thats the easiest part because my mom will be very happy whenever I go back home ;)

Apart from that there is a long saga behind this and fittingly God has chosen this date for the registration process. Because exactly two years ago from August 2009 I started living alone. Though my roomie had moved to his brother's place …

One Last Time!!!


Awesome article!!

just now went through an article in DAWN news paper.. this is rather the best media group from Pakistan.. though there is a lot of stuff against india in general and hindus in particular, some columnists write great articles. one such is this written by Adnan Rehmat.. you can find the full article here..
few paragraphs are just amazing.. i wish some of those hot headed Pakistani policy makers heed this..
"If 9/11 (New York) was the moment America and 27/11 (Mumbai) that India changed forever, 2/5 (Abbottabad) could be Pakistan’s crossroads of opportunity to likewise choose the path of being a state that protects its own people by fighting terrorism unconditionally. Sovereignty is not about nurturing dubious proxies to fight your wars but to fight against the instinct to do so. The real violation of sovereignty is the imbalance in receiving foreign aid flows in-country and then not accounting for it. It is the civil-military imbalance within Pakistan that has distorted the n…

Hindu Corruption Vs Muslim Corruption!!!

Well! Well! Well!
Baba Ramdev's property will now go through the scanner.. within a week's gap the red carpet welcome from the government translated into IT raids and ED scannings.. thats India for you!! Few hours are good enough to change friends to foes and vice versa!! 
Now coming to the present situation, a lot is being said and discussed about Ramdev's identity as a yoga guru, his 200 odd companies, 1100 cr trust and the scottish island.. but none of these fails to explain why he cant fight against corruption?? on sunday night I watched a discussion hosted by Burkha Dutt and one of the gentlmen took a serious objection about the people in Ramlila grounds shouting slogans "Vandemataram" and "Bharathmata ki jai" (I forgot the name of the person).. But he conviniently ignored the fact that no section of Indian Penal Code prevents its citizens from shouting "Vandemataram".. in fact it is the battle cry of Indian Freedom Struggle.. For suppose, …

jai ho Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev's complete speech!! this is another historic moment.. way to go Ramdevji.. All those people who have come from far in this heat, under adverse conditions, without caring for their comforts are doing everything for their nation…today when there's no time for our own family, at this time a 'sanyasi' has decided to end corruption and to change things today…I am thankful that you all have come in thousands. I can understand your determination and emotions and from tomorrow, the "bhrashtachar mitao satyagraha" which will start, will also comprise women and children. I am thankful to you all. The primary cause is to change an established order. I asked little children what they will do…and they said they would fast to bring back black money. They said, "Even we will fight against corruption with you'. I can see even a one-year-old in the audience. My words fall short… I am so touched. I agree there are some good leaders, businessmen …


In the last 2 weeks I had fierce arguments on three occasions about being a vegetarian.. some people are sad that I dont eat meat/egg, some people are angry that I dont like meat/egg and some people pity me because I cant survive outside India.. Anyway, their opinions are not the object of this post..  If things go this way I have to allocate one chapter of my autobiography for this and should name it as "Being Veggie" :)
Since childhood I didnt eat nonveg because I just cant bear the smell of the meat/egg.. when I became very weak due to some fever my parents tried feeding egg so that I could gain some strength quickly but I just could not take that into my system.. They tried for one week and all through the week I vomited the whole content.. I was only six/seven when this happened.. After that I never tried meat/egg because I was often going to the temple as a priest (along with my cousins) and eating meat/egg looked like blasphemous.. Then came an age in my life when peo…

My interaction with SECRET!!!

I dont know how many around have heard about this "Theory of Attraction" popularly known as the Secret.. According to this theory the more you think about something the more you attract it into your life.. either wanting something or not wanting something, what ever your mind ponders about will manifest in reality.. It has been almost three years since I first heard this theory and as usual didnt believe it at the first go.. Everything I listen to should undergo a scanner called  "My Logical Reasoning".. Because I dont believe anything beyond my Logical reasoning; GOD is the only exception.. however, after a series of dramatic instances which left me as a loser plagued with pain and insomnia I started giving this theory a try.. At that point of time I have tried quite a bunch of methods to grant myself a sound sleep.. Sound sleep was a rare occasion those days.. (Even my worst enemies dont deserve such a life).. people like Shushmakka, Ravi etc can vouch for all th…

My Birthday :)

YES!! I turned 28 yesterday, getting too old??? dont know, may be people around me might be knowing better than me :)
Anyway, this birthday is special.. hehehe, everyday of my life looks special in some way or the other :).. but this day was special for the theme called "SWATHI".. my mail box is full of photos, cartoons and jokes about Swathi :) I was continuously laughing yesterday.. apart from that many of my old friends and colleagues from Symphony called me. Also, almost all the friends from blogosphere sent their wishes.. out of all, the card which Rajkumar carried will stand out because of its gigantic size.. just now i measured its length and its little more than 2ft :) and similar to last year this year also Andy's card reached me a day before itself.. thanks a zillion guys.. I will cook your favorite tomato pulusu when you visit my house next time.. this is a promise :) I know how much you like it.. here is a mail and photo that I liked very much.. the mail is pr…

Happy Birthday Amma!!

Today is my mom's birthday.. For me "amma" does not mean something but mean everything.. she means a whole of world to me. When ever I go across the word called commitment my mom is the first person that I recall.. If we have a own house, if me and my sisters got good education, its only because of my mother.. I still remember insults from my relatives that she is making the girls to study in the same level of school that I study.. Though I didnt see the reason then but now if I look back it was a revolutionary decision from her.. she didnt give any gold/jewels for us but she definitely gave the courage to stand by what we believe and gave us a strong ethical base.. I found these couple of photos very much suiting what I want to say today!!

Satvik Dharna!!!

Anna Hazare!!! whole of this country is echoing this name..  "A country starved of heros finds one in him" writes a blogger..  A 72 year old grand pa taking it to the street is something unusal.. a lot is being said about him both in the national as well as in the international media.. even a news paper like dawn which is always busy belittling Indians have given so much of coverage to him.. After Sachin's double hundred in 2009 this is the first time an Indian has been mentioned in a positive note in that news paper..  well coming to the grand pa, I'm not going to write about his profile and the different issues that he has fought.. but I definitely want to use this post as a memoir of that day when I participated in that dharna.. it is the first time that I attended a political rally/dharna etc.. belive me that was minor miracle to say the least..  there were around five to six thousand people among whom 95% people were aged less than 30 and many of them have directly f…

Two Stories!!

Today I went across a couple of stories which were funny as well as thought provoking. one from Panchatantra Tales and the other from Arabian Nights.. I thought to keep them down in my blog so that I can read them in future..

Lion & Sheep: Long long ago, in a jungle, there lived a lioness. when it was about to deliver a cub it went on to hunting. In the middle of the jungle, the lioness delivers a cub and passes away. Now this little cub wanders around and ends up along with some sheep. With time passing on, this cub eats with sheep, plays with the sheep and finally behaves exactly as sheep. After some time, another lion comes to hunt the sheep and it realizes that the cub is running away from it. So this lion goes to the cub and asks the reason for its fear. Cub innocently replies that, but for running it will be eaten by the lion. Then the lion takes the cub to the pond and shows the image proving that both look alike and asks it to be a lion and not sheep.. The great moral to tak…

I Salute!!

Nearly  eight decades ago something very unusual happened.. three young men who are around 25 happily sacrificed their life just to make this world understand that there is something in this planet which is superior to human selfishness.. seeing the courage and valor of those three men even  Mt. Everest would come on to its knees and bow.. Talking about courage, people remember Hercules, Achilles, Hector etc.. but for me these three people are the epitome of courage and selflessness.. I salute BHAGAT SINGH, SUKHDEV ,RAJGURU.
but the worst part is the way Indian society have forgotten the spirit with which they lived and their sacrifices are conveniently ignored.. Today if someone talks about contributing to the society he/she will be treated as an eccentric who dont know "worldly traits". Corruption, exploitation is the common thread connecting all the sections of the society. only last week I witnessed a doctor demanding a bribe of INR 1100 from an 80 year old lady and even w…

Humble Request

the quake & Tsunami have caused a real damage to Japan.. seems the death toll is in thousands and the financial damage may amount to Billions of dollars.. As individuals there is hardly anything that we can do at this stage.. but instead of pouring some pity on them please pray for them.. because, right now if something can be done it can be done only by the Almighty.. Pray that enough strength should be given to people who are fighting the evil stroke.. pray that all  humans would realize the need of living as one family and show solidarity to Japan..

We should stand by Japan.. WE SHOULD!!!

Madras Trip!!!

Wow.. thats the only word which I comes to my mind when I think about my Naada Vaibhavam trip.. I'm not going to write about the Naada Vaibhavam again but just trying to relive the whole of trip through this post..
It has been one week since I came back to Bangalore but still all the events are very much afresh.. all the bonds which were made in that trip seem to be very strong.. may be thats the greatness of belonging!!

Firstly, let me give a brief introduction about the team.. the team consists of 45 crazy, weird and cranky people(i'm one of them :))..

A teenager who spends 90% of his day either on facebook or thinking about facebook..
A girl who completed engg. but looks like a high school child.. (I bet she eats only once a week!)

A Doctor who looks everything in terms of scientists and enzymes.
A Kannadiga who  claims to have known only English movies(but cant recognize few latest movies though :))
A couple of ice cool organizers who seems to have lost the nerve of anger …

Naada Vaibhavam!!!

"Miracle", "8th Wonder", "Fantabulous", "Amazing"
All the above words combined will not suffice to explain the feeling with which I'm writing this post.. 
A day of Bliss, A day of Eternal joy A day of Completeness A day of Music Finally, A day of Divinity
Ladies and  Gentlemen, thats "Naada Vaibhavam"

For some experiences we wait for weeks, for some experiences we wait for months. Believe me, for this experience I have waited for few carnations..Some experiences are better unexplained, it is one such.. thats the least I can say about it..
the thought of 5000 musicians is always exciting(in the end we had 5700+).. but the grace took me into such a state that I'm unaware of my emotions.. All I remember is the tears in my eyes when they started singing the Annamacharya Keertana.. Dont know what had actually happened to me but I felt so full and complete as if I'm at the top of the world.. Yes, I'm sure "I WAS AT  THE TOP OF TH…

This Week!!!

Phew.. what a week this has been?? 
I'm going mad to say the least..atleast for three reasons i'm shell shocked.. I just dont know how to react and in my typical way i'm laughing at life..the week started with some good things like initiation of a new project etc but later on it was the news of a demise that started the trouble.. then the news of the great scandal that happened in Telugu blogs.. I have a very good group of friends and few foes who want to hurt me.. I must confess that the latest scandal had completely shattered me and now my friends are making awesome fun of what has happened.. well life is so crazy!!

then for the past few days i'm not feeling well mentally.. I couldnt sleep properly for the last few days and deep in my heart i've a feeling that someone close to me is suffering.. I just dont know who it is!! Since yday i have people and enquiring about their well being..ofcourse i'm pretending this as my new year call to them..and today while i&#…


why is the news about death so demotivating?? hardly an hour ago, i heard about the death of a girl who i through the virtual world.. I never happen to conversed with her directly apart from a couple of "Hi" "Thanks". But still its paining a lot..I'm actually falling short of words.. dont know what to write.. The thought of her family is scaring me, I remember that she lost her father only months ago and now this jolt. I dont know whether she had any siblings or not but I feel for her mother.. Couple of hours ago I was just telling another friend that mother is the biggest gift any human can have and the heart of the mother is the greatest ever.. In such a scenario, imagine the plight of the mother losing a child at an age of 23-24.. just heart breaking.. I myself is feeeling so bad that didnt feel like having dinner then think of that mother..OMG!!!
I dont know what i'm writing makes sense or not but all I pray is for the departed soul and for the mother to…

Holy Grail Obtained!!!

It was no less than a holy grail when Andrew Strauss & Co. mauled the Aussies to a 3-1 defeat in Sydney this week. SCG which happens to be the venue for many a great battle,today it witnessed a new history written.. A history of self belief, a history of hard work and discipline, more importantly its a history of commitment and dedication.. the present English team dont have any legends of modern day, KP happens to be their only super star and he was also out of sorts before their urn defending has begun..  but the team is studded with street smart players who knew their game very well..the Australian shores are always a nightmare for the visiting teams but this team gave a message that they are no ordinary team.. The top order filled with Straussy, Cooky and Trott is at the moment the best top order you have.. Unless something goes seriously wrong, Trott is going to be the next Dravid around.. He has the temperament to play long innings, he has a solid technique and more import…